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What is a Scholarship?

A scholarship is money given to you to help pay for your education or related expenses. Scholarships come from a variety of sources, such as your college or a private organization.

Examples of types of scholarships:

  • Merit scholarships are based on a student's achievements.
  • School scholarships are given to students by the school they attend.
  • Work scholarships require students to work to receive scholarship money.
  • Field of Study scholarships are given to students pursuing a specific field of study or academic program.
  • Need scholarships are based on financial need.

Apply for SCC Scholarships

Scholarship applications will be accepted from January 12, 2024 through March 1, 2024 at 11:59 pm.

Scholarship Application Process

New this year! SCC Professor David Fabionar has created an instructional video to help guide students on the scholarship application process:

SCC Scholarship FAQs

Apply for an Outside Scholarship