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We are committed to transforming students’ lives by helping them to achieve their educational goals. We place a high value on being an open-access institution–students enter as authentic human beings with their own cultures, abilities, experiences, and languages. Equity involves giving all students what they need in order to achieve success, but it is neither diversity nor equal treatment. When we attempt to “treat students equally,” we ignore their unique perspectives and difference that make up our dynamic culture. Equity is about examining the frameworks that present obstacles to student success which may include our institutional structure, processes and policies, curriculum, and classroom practices. Equity work must be rooted in social justice, which consists of building alliances across differences, embracing interruptions, expecting discomfort, and accepting non-closure.

Student Equity and Achievement Plan (PDF)

Our Equity Definition

Equity refers to achieving parity in student success outcomes through the intentional design of the college experience.

Equity and Diversity Policies