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Online Education

Same great education, available online

SCC offers a number of online courses, also known as Distance Education, that give you the flexibility to work toward your academic goals on your schedule. Some courses and programs are fully online, others partially. They are taught by the same highly qualified instructors who teach on-campus courses.

Fully Online Programs

Fully online programs offer pathways to a degree or certificate that can be achieved without the student ever setting foot in a classroom. SCC currently has a handful of these programs, and continues to expand fully online program offerings.


Administration of Justice (AS, AST)
Anthropology (AA)
Business (AS)
Business Administration (AST)
Business Management (AS)
English (AAT)
History (AAT)
Management Information Science (AS)
Sociology (AA, AAT)


Advanced CISCO Networking
Business Management
Information Processing Technician
Legal Studies Certificate
Management of Information Science

Fully Online Courses

Online courses can make school fit your schedule. Fully online courses require no in-person meetings or instruction and are taught by the same highly qualified Sacramento City College faculty who teach on-campus courses. Instructors will set regular deadlines for assignments and class participation, but you will be able to complete coursework around your schedule.

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Partially Online Courses

Check the course description to learn how much of the course is online. Some courses require as little as one in-person meeting while other classes may split their instruction time between online and in-person. This may be a good option for students who need some flexibility in their schedule and prefer making fewer trips to campus than required by the typical in-person courses.

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Resources for Online Students

Instructor-Student Interaction

To deliver you the best quality education in an online format, there are expectations around instructor-student interactions.

Instructor-Initiated Interaction

Instructors will regularly initiate interactions with students to ensure that they are able to access and understand course materials and that all students are participating in the activities in the course.


Online courses (Distance Education) are considered equivalent to in-person courses, so the frequency of contact is expected to be the same as in-person courses.

Type of Contact

Instructors may use the following methods to initiate contact with students:

  • Discussion forums with instructor participation
  • Email
  • Weekly announcements in Canvas
  • Timely feedback for student work
  • Timely response to student emails or inquiries
  • Other forms of communication at instructor’s discretion, such as group or individual meetings, orientation and review sessions, supplemental seminar or study sessions, field trips, library workshops, phone or video conferences.

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