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Beginning in fall 2022, Sacramento City College is removing the majority of below-transfer MATH courses (that is, courses with a course number below 300). The default MATH placement for all incoming students will be a college-level MATH course.

B-STEM Placement Grids

The following placement grids display the measures that are used to determine a Business, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (B-STEM) student's initial math placement. The specific measures that determine math placement are the highest course completed in high school and high school GPA.

All students – regardless of GPA or highest math completed – are eligible to take MATH 333: Introduction to College Algebra with the accompanying MATHS 33 support course. Students who are interested in taking MATH 333 without support or one of the other MATH courses listed need to meet the GPA and/or highest math completed requirements for that specific course as listed on the rubrics.

Students who did not complete high school or who have been out of high school for 10 years or more should use the Guided Self-Placement tool.

Sacramento City College B-STEM Placement Grid

High School GPA High School Math SCC Math Placement
3.4 or higher Has not passed Intermediate Algebra MATH 333
3.4 or higher Passed Intermediate Algebra with C- or higher MATH 340, MATH 342, MATH 372, or MATH 373
3.4 or higher Passed Trigonometry with C- or higher MATH 355
3.4 or higher Passed Precalculus with C- or higher MATH 355 or MATH 400
Lower than 3.4 Has not passed Intermediate Algebra MATH 333 and MATHS 33
Lower than 3.4 Passed Intermediate Algebra with C- or higher MATH 310, MATHS 40 + MATH 340, MATHS 42 + MATH 342, MATHS 70 + MATH 372, or MATHS 71 + MATH 373
Lower than 3.4 Passed Trigonometry with C- or higher MATH 355
Lower than 3.4 Passed Precalculus with C- or higher MATH 355 or MATH 400


What math course should I take?

There are many factors that contribute to what math course you should take, including your intended major, the highest math course you have completed, and your high school GPA. Schedule an appointment with your counselor to get help choosing the math course that best fits your educational and career goals.

Why do I need to take MATH 333?

MATH 333 is replacing MATH 120 as the transitional course to higher-level math courses for B-STEM students. If you have been placed in MATH 333, then you need to take this course as a prerequisite to higher math courses.

MATH 333 is designed to cover fundamental algebra topics that will be used throughout later B-STEM coursework and will help lay a solid foundation of mathematics on which to build in your later classes.

What resources are available to help me prepare for and be successful in the course I place into?

There are college resources available to assist you in your math course. MATH 333 has a support course, MATHS 33, that can be taken concurrently. The course is open to all students taking MATH 333, even if they have not been placed into it.

The SCC Math Lab provides in-person and virtual math tutoring on a drop-in or appointment basis. The SCC Learning Skills Tutoring Center provides scheduled and drop-in tutoring appointments. Additionally, the SCC MESA program offers tutorials and additional support for students in the STEM fields.

There are also developmental math resources available through regional Adult Education centers. Please note that these Adult Education centers are not Los Rios Community College District resources.

Do I have to take MATH 333 if I successfully completed MATH 120?

No, students who have successfully completed MATH 120 are not required to take MATH 333. MATH 120 still meets the Los Rios college graduation requirements and the course prerequisite requirements that it always has.

What do I do if a course prerequisite lists MATH 120 and I haven’t taken MATH 120 yet or I didn’t place into MATH 120 or higher?

The Math 120 prerequisite will be replaced by Math 333 for most courses where it is listed, such as statistics or liberal arts math classes (like STAT 300 or MATH 300) and courses outside mathematics.

What course should I take if MATH 120 is listed on my education plan?

If MATH 120 currently shows on your education plan and you have not yet successfully completed MATH 120, then MATH 333 will be the course you can take in place of MATH 120 beginning in the Fall 2022 semester. If MATH 120 is not on your education plan, then this change will not impact you.

Does MATH 333 count towards graduation requirements?

Yes, MATH 333 is replacing MATH 120 and will meet the same Los Rios college graduation requirements and the course prerequisite requirements.

Will MATH 333 help me transfer?

Though MATH 333 is a college-level course and will transfer, it will not meet the B4 Quantitative Reasoning requirement for the 2022-23 academic year. We are submitting MATH 333 to CSU for approval of B4 Quantitative Reasoning, but this approval will not happen until the 2023-24 academic year at the earliest. Enrollment in MATH 333 for the 2022-23 academic year should therefore be limited to B-STEM students who will meet B4 through an alternate (and currently-approved) B4 course.

Who needs to take MATH 333?

New B-STEM students who have been placed in MATH 333 and continuing B-STEM students who have been placed in MATH 120 and have not successfully completed the course will need to take MATH 333.