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Beginning in fall 2022, Sacramento City College removed the majority of below-transfer MATH courses (that is, courses with a course number below 300). The default MATH placement for all incoming students will be a college-level MATH course.

B-STEM Placement Grids

The following placement grids display the measures that are used to determine a Business, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (B-STEM) student's initial math placement. The specific measures that determine math placement are the highest course completed in high school and high school GPA.

All students – regardless of GPA or highest math completed – are eligible to take MATH 333: Introduction to College Algebra with the accompanying MATHS 33 support course. Students who are interested in taking MATH 333 without support or one of the other MATH courses listed need to meet the GPA and/or highest math completed requirements for that specific course as listed on the rubrics.

Students who did not complete high school or who have been out of high school for 10 years or more should use the Guided Self-Placement tool.