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Our virtual tutoring is via Zoom or GoBoard rooms where our tutors, students like you, will help you through your math and stats questions by supporting you.

Because virtual tutoring is via Zoom, your experience is optimal when you have Wifi access and a computer.

  • Wifi access is available on campus (check COVID-19 Updates for information about whether campus buildings are open).
  • Chromebooks are available through the SCC Loaner Program.

Steps to Access Virtual Tutoring

We use Penji to handle our scheduling system. Penji can be accessed on the web or via their mobile app. You can set up a 25-minute or 55-minute appointment, or join a drop-in queue. All sessions are first-come, first-served, so make appointments in advance!

Step 1: Get on Penji

Sign up for Penji and access the App, then log in. Each time you go there after creating your sign-in, you can access tutoring through the Penji Math/Stat Lab Learn site.  You can bookmark the site for easy reference.

Penji is also available for download on mobile devices:

Step 2: Schedule an Appointment or Drop-In

  1. Choose the course you are taking from the list provided. You only need to add it the first time through.
  2. Select the Math/Stats lab (you can also select the LSTC for more options).
  3. Choose from the list of options provided:
    • Individual Appointment: 25-minute or 55-minute appointments are available
    • Group Appointment: These are 55-minutes. You will be in this session with other students, so get your classmates to join you for a more efficient experience.
    • Drop-in Tutoring: if you do not have an appointment but want to get into the queue to get assistance.
    • Workshops and Weekly Study Group: these will be announced in Canvas when available. 

Step 3: Access Your Session

After Scheduling

You’ll get an e-mail notification and a personalized Zoom URL. This information is also available within the App under “Session Details.”  When your session is ready, use the link to access the session.


If you select drop-in, the app will let you know the approximate wait time.  You will receive a notification when a tutor becomes available, so you can do other things until that time. If the wait time is too long, you can drop out of the drop-in queue.

Step 4: Attend Your Session

In the session, the tutor will share the screen. If you can, provide as many details as possible that will help guide the session. You can even set up a Google Doc and share it with your tutor so you have a record. Tutors can also record the session upon request.

Sessions are best when your microphone is enabled which will mimic being in the same room. If this is not possible, you’ll have to chat your questions and responses.

Tutors are not there to do homework or questions completely for you, but to guide you through the process as you work towards being an independent, critical thinker for your math/stats journey.

After the session, please fill in the optional feedback form.

What Else to Know

  • Cancellations: If you have to cancel an appointment, please do so as soon as it is known you can’t make it. Students who cancel and/or miss more than four times within two weeks will be suspended from the system, and must appeal to be reinstated.
  • Penji Student Support is available to guide you through setup and scheduling.
  • If your tutor is not on time:
    • Tutors are students and humans too, and sometimes due to unforeseen circumstances, they may miss a session. If your tutor does not arrive on time for the appointment, then you should message them using Penji's chat feature to let them know that you are present for the appointment and are waiting for them to begin the session.
    • After 15 minutes has passed after the listed start time, and your tutor still has not begun the session, then you should "Report a Problem" in Penji using the following steps: 
      1. In the top right corner of the "Session Details" click the three dots and select "Report a Problem" from the menu.  
      2. Fill in the Course Subject and Number (ex. Math 300) and include a brief description of the problem. For example, "I messaged my tutor in Penji and didn't receive a response. They didn't show up to begin the appointment within 15 minutes of the listed start time." 
      3. Submit the report and Penji will send an email to us so that we are aware of the situation. 
      4. Schedule a new session with a different tutor.
  • Act respectfully always: All interactions with tutors and Math/Stats lab support staff are subject to the Student Code of Conduct