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Students are given credit for previous education, provided an opportunity to challenge courses, and are not discriminated against for any reason. The challenge policy at SCC is clearly described in the college catalog under the indexed title of "Credit by Examination."

Transfer students are those who have successfully completed some portion of their nursing courses in an accredited nursing program. Students who wish to transfer into the second, third, or fourth semester of the SCC Nursing Program: complete a transfer application that can be downloaded below. Admittance is based on space availability.  Other nursing programs may have a different sequence of specialty courses which may result in the repetition of one or more semesters of study.

All nursing students including transfer or advanced placement students must meet the prerequisites for program entry. Students may satisfy the prerequisites through two avenues. These include Course Substitution: Students who have prerequisite coursework in California should check the" SCC Nursing Program Course Equivalency Chart" on the SCC Nursing Program website. Courses on this chart are approved as equivalent, comparable, or acceptable substitutes to the prerequisites for the SCC Nursing Program. Petition for Course Substitution: Students who have completed prerequisite course work not listed in the "SCC Nursing Program Course Equivalency Chart" MUST complete a Course Substitution petition. All Course sub petitions will need to be APPROVED prior to acceptance as a transfer student.         

SCC allows students one year (two semesters) out of active nursing school enrollment to be considered for transfer. Transfer students who exceed this timeframe must apply to the nursing program as a new student. The Program Director and/or counselor will evaluate all prerequisite coursework for equivalency, including achievement of the required grade point averages in the sciences and support courses.

Students who are admitted to the ADN Program as transfer students from other accredited nursing programs, and who are able to validate having had comparable courses, are granted direct credit for those courses.  Students who are able to validate having had educational experiences similar to that provided in specific nursing courses, are eligible to challenge those courses by examination. 

The challenge policy established by the ADN Program allows students who meet the program entrance requirements and to challenge nursing courses in the program provided they have met all the prerequisite requirements for the challenge.  However, college policy stipulates that a maximum of 15 units is allowed through the credit-by-examination process.

Students preparing to take a challenge/re-entry examination for a nursing course are given the course materials including the syllabus, theory, math practice questions and clinical outcomes, current textbook list, and format of the exam. Students are given a minimum of two weeks to prepare for the exam.  Students must achieve 75% on the theory, a 90% on the math assessment and a “pass” on the clinical skills exam, based on their last semester in a nursing program, before entering the student’s requested