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To request a Got Your Six mentor, please contact:

Jake Kattan
Phone: (916) 650-2951

Mentee Expectations

  • Develop a positive relationship with your assigned mentor
  • Agrees to meet with mentor on a regular weekly basis
  • Agrees to utilize mentor as a resource for academic success
  • Agrees to commit to the program for one semester
  • If uncomfortable or have any concerns must be able to communicate them to program coordinator

Mentee Requirements & Attributes

  • Must be a new student enrolled at SCC for their first semester and have served or is serving in the US military (active duty, guard or reserve)
  • Must be willing to commit to being in a mentor/mentee relationship for duration of one semester
  • Must be willing to attend weekly activities with mentor and/or meet with mentor at agreed upon dates/times
  • Must be willing to sign a mentor/mentee agreement

Challenges our Mentees have Encountered

  • Getting used to a new culture of academics
  • Learning how to ask for assistance
  • Figuring out how to handle school, work, and family life

What our Mentees have to Say about the Program

  • Having someone to talk to was extremely helpful
  • The transition to college was smoother
  • Learning about the campus Veteran Resource Center was valuable

What a Mentor Is Not

  • A mentor is not an academic advisor.
  • A mentor is not a social buddy.

Matching Mentees to Mentors

If at all possible, the Got Your Six teams are selected based on either a match in majors or career interests.

Matching Mentees to Mentors