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If at all possible, the Got Your Six teams are selected based on either:

  • A match in majors
  • A match in career interests

In addition, women are usually matched with one another when possible in an effort to create a strong women’s veterans community within the larger Veterans Resource Center (VRC) population.

The program coordinator will contact you with information on your match. This information will include the email address and phone number for the individual you have been paired with as well as the date scheduled for the Got Your Six Meet & Greet session. It is recommended, that if possible, mentors reach out to their mentees prior to the Meet & Greet to perhaps schedule their first in-person meeting or a phone call. Attending the Meet & Greet session is required for all matches. At this session each pair will complete their Agreement Forms.

We suggest that each pair try to spend time getting to learn about one another’s academic goals, career interests, or work activities.

Sample Questions

These sample questions can be posed to either a mentor or mentee:

  • What are your expectations for being in the mentoring program?
  • What would you like to gain from the program?
  • What are your interests and hobbies?
  • What type of career are you interested in?

Program Coordinator Role

  • Provides support to mentors and mentees
  • Provides training for mentors
    • Initial Mentor training
    • Mid-semester check-in
  • Links mentor/mentee to campus resources
  • Organizes at least two Got Your Six social events per semester
    • Meet & Greet event
    • End-of-the-Semester event
  • Initiates and tracks mentor updates using the Got Your Six weekly SITREPs, email lists, and in-person communications
  • Facilitates opportunities for team-building for all Got Your Six members
  • Provides intervention should mentee or mentor be struggling
  • Oversees the assigned responsibilities of the mentors

Sample Mentor-Mentee Agreement

We are voluntarily entering into a mentoring team from which we both expect to benefit. We want this to be a worthwhile and rewarding experience with most of our time spent learning about campus resources and becoming more connected to the Veteran Resource Center. To this end, we have mutually agreed on the terms and conditions of our team expectations as outlined below.


We hope to focus on the following topics/issues relating to challenges new veteran students may encounter at SCC. (List at least 3 and you can certainly list more than 5)






To accomplish the above objectives, we plan on doing the following, e.g. visit specific student support services, talk to specific staff/faculty, etc. (list at least 3 and you can certainly list more than 5)







Any sensitive issues that we discuss will be held in confidence. Issues that are off-limits include:

Frequency of meetings

We will attempt to meet at least ________(fill in the amount) times each month. If we cannot attend a scheduled meeting, we agree to be responsible to notify one another.


We agree that our team will continue until the end of __________________ semester.

No-Fault Termination

We are committed to open communication between one another. We agree to work with the VRC coordinator should any conflicts arise. If, however, one of us is unable to fulfill the agreed upon duration, we agree to abide by the decision of our team member.

Peer Mentor signature    Date

Mentee signature           Date

Peer Mentor name (print)

Mentee name (print)

Veterans Resource Center Contact

Jake Kattan
Veteran Resource Center Representative
Got Your Six Coordinator
Performing Arts Center PAC 101
Phone: (916) 650-2951

Veterans Affairs Office Contact

Blanche Levy
VA certifying official
Admissions & Records
Student Services Building
Phone: (916) 558-2591

Veterans Resource Center Counselors

Mary-Sue Allred
Phone: (916) 558-2299

Anh Nguyen
Phone: (916) 558-2071