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Puente Club

Club Purpose: To keep "Puentistas" (Puente Project participants) connected outside of the Puente Project, which is an academic preparation program at Sacramento City College whose objective is to increase the number of educationally disadvantaged students transferring to four-year Universities, earn college degrees and return back to their communities as leaders and mentors for future generations.

In addition, the Puente Club is open to all Sacramento City College students. Students who plan to transfer are especially encouraged to join the Puente Club. Any Student who joins the Puente Club will become a Puentista, and as a close-knit "familia" (family), we will help one another reach our common goal of transferring to four-year Universities.

Section 2: To establish ourselves as positive members of our communities and promote/ advocate for the Puente Project which we are the product of. Therefore, community service in the form of helping and funding events will be activities in which the club will engage in.

Section 3: To celebrate, preserve, and celebrate Latino Cultural at Sacramento City College campus. We will accomplish this by hosting guest speakers, films, and other events.

Puente Club students in a classroom

Puente Club students outside in the Quad

Puente Club students at a club table

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Abraham Madrigal



Darianny Magaña-Alday

Vice President

Brandon Moreno


Rosemary Quintana


Andrea Anaya