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SCC Women’s Wrestling Club

The purpose of the club is to allow women the opportunity to train and compete in the sport of women’s folkstyle and freestyle wrestling.

Our club goals include:

  • Provide an inclusive and fulfilling team experience for all interested students, regardless of previous wrestling experience.
  • Provide opportunities for those at all levels of development within the sport of wrestling to gain knowledge and skills (such as nutrition and sports psychology) transferable to members’ lives both inside and outside of training and competition.
  • Enhance members’ sense of security by providing an opportunity to learn self-defense techniques.
  • Hold each other accountable to our core values in a fair, honest, and disciplined manner.
  • Foster individual ownership and accountability through student leadership, encouraging a lifelong attachment to the broader Sacramento City College Wrestling community.
  • Commit to wrestling at the highest level, but never sacrificing student safety, health, or fun.

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Get assistance contacting this club:

Clubs and Events Board
Phone: (916) 650-2915


Marques Gales
Phone: (707) 398-5246

Walter Ulrich
Phone: (916) 803-0297



Rae Galindo


Ibtasam Saleh