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Psychology Club

Club Purpose

Welcome to the Psych Club! We're dedicated to fostering a tight-knit community of people interested in the human mind. We have some really awesome speaks lined up for this year, such as former NFL running back Ricky Williams, a trailblazer in the field of sports and mental health. We also have Steven Forrest, an Evolutionary Astrologer who will delve into Astrology as a psychological system, alongside local psychologists and clinicians, among other intriguing guests!

Psychology offers a wide range of career paths beyond just research and clinical practice, yet students often receive a narrow perspective. Our club aims to provide a holistic exploration of psychology, from neuroscience to Astrology, offering unique insights into potential career options and the practical application of psychological knowledge in our daily lives. This club serves as a safe space for exploring diverse psychological perspectives, sharing thoughts and feelings on psychology topics, or your own personal psychological experiences. At our club meetings, we'll gather to exchange valuable resources and up-to-date information about the field of psychology. Some meetings will spotlight guest speakers, while others will host discussion panels where we come together to analyze and discuss psychologically intriguing podcasts or movies.

If you're seeking stimulating conversations and a holistic exploration of the human mind, encompassing various cultures and ways of thinking, we invite you to join us! 

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Every other Tuesday
12:00 pm to 1:00 pm


Alan Keys
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Brandon Youngblood
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Blaze Williams

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