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English Language Learner and Immigrant Support (ELLIS) Club

We support English Language Learners and immigrants on their path to academic and personal growth. 

With inclusion and opportunity as core values, the club is a bridge between the college and the diverse community it serves.

Our Goals

  • help newcomers understand and navigate the cultural expectations of being a college student and community member in the United States
  • help students feel welcome through conducting how-to and awareness workshops about the college experience
  • provide interpreter services
  • create a sense of belonging via social and networking opportunities
  • promote awareness of how its members contribute to our vibrant community
  • help define what it means for a multicultural society like the United States to thrive


Madison Griffin
(916) 501-5340

Duane Leonard
Phone: (530) 848-7953



Cristina Ceban


Ghulam Safiullah