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Before You Begin

First, be sure you have downloaded and completed the entire Special Admit Form, obtained all required signatures, and carefully read the directions on the Dual Enrollment steps page.

  • If you are home-schooled or enrolled in a high school where transcripts are not available, please provide a record of completed coursework, achievement level, and grade level. If your school is not listed on the California Department of Education's School Directory website, please also include a copy of the private school affidavit submitted to the State or County Office of Education to document the student's involvement in an educational process.

Next, submit the completed Special Admit Form using the following online submission form. Make sure to upload other required documents, such as a high school transcript, when needed.

Note: the term "Dual Enrollment" is replacing "Advanced Education" beginning in Summer 2023. For more definitions, see Los Rios Administrative Regulation R-2212.