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Occupational Therapy Assisting

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Sacramento City College Occupational Therapy Assistant

Occupations are the meaningful activities of our daily lives, in areas of self-care, work, and leisure. The activities we identify as occupations in our lives are based on our values, beliefs, needs, and desires. Some occupations are necessary for day-to-day functioning, such a bathing and cooking. Other occupations are tasks related to our roles, such as parent, child, spouse, student, worker, or community volunteer. Physical, cognitive, and social skills are required to perform these occupations. Occupational therapy aims to help individuals and groups maximize these needed skills and abilities to participate in meaningful and purposeful daily activities. Occupational therapy helps people with living life to its fullest.

The Sacramento City College OTA program is cohort-based. Students are expected to advance through the required curriculum each semester in the established sequence. The Allied Health and OTA courses are offered Monday through Thursday in the evening and on Saturdays, except for clinical fieldwork, which is scheduled during weekday business hours.