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Dental Hygiene Program Details

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Registered dental hygienists are licensed clinicians who work under the direction and supervision of a licensed dentist to provide preventive and therapeutic services for the control of oral diseases.

Eligibility Updates

A reduced cohort will be accepted for the 2023-2025 cohort in response to the Pandemic. We will accept 14 students instead of 24.

Enrollment Eligibility

  • DHYG 100 has been removed from enrollment eligibility.
  • We now accept ESLWR 340 for enrollment eligibility.
  • We now accept MATH 120, MATH 300 or MATH 333 or STAT 300 or STAT 480 or higher for enrollment eligibility.

Recency Requirement

  • 7-year recency on science courses:
    • BIOL 430 and 431, Anatomy and Physiology
    • BIOL 440, General Microbiology
    • CHEM 305 and CHEM 306 or CHEM 309
  • Once students meet enrollment eligibility and are on the waitlist, the recency requirement will not continue during reapplication years.
  • Recency will not apply to students already on the waitlist.
  • Implementing change for 2023-2025 cohort.

Online Science Lab Info

Science labs Summer 2022 and forward must have a face-to-face lab.  The lecture portion of science courses may be online.

During the COVID-19 campus closures, we were able to accept online science labs because a waiver was temporarily approved. The waiver ended May 2022.

Advanced Placement (AP) Exam Score for Enrollment Eligibility

Advanced Placement (AP) Exam Score Exemption may ONLY be accepted in lieu of these courses:

  • ENGWR 300 College Composition or ESLW 340 Advanced Composition
  • MATH 120 or MATH 300 or MATH 333 or STAT 300 or STAT 480 or higher

Dental Hygienist Video


The Sacramento City College Dental Hygiene program is accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation. For more detailed information related to the program, students should consult the current version of the Dental Hygiene Program HandbookFor information about our Infection Control Standards consult the Infection Control Workbook

Information Sessions

The Dental Assisting and Dental Hygiene programs hold information sessions on campus early in the semester to answer questions about each program. 

Session Dates

Date Time Location Zoom Meeting ID
February 14, 2023 12:00 pm Zoom (Online) 882 6957 0151

Dental Hygiene Program Information Presentation (PDF)

Prerecorded Information Session (Zoom)


Phone: 916-558-2356

Job Placement Information for Community Partner Dentists

Contact for Hiring SCC Dental Hygiene Graduates:

SETA/Sacramento Works
Ira Ayers

Workforce Development Professional III
Job Developer
Cell: (916) 926.2529

Science and Allied Health Tutoring Center

Commission on Dental Accreditation

Commission on Dental Accreditation

211 East Chicago Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60611
(800) 621-8099

Commission on Dental Accreditation