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Science and Allied Health Tutoring Center

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The Science & Allied Health Tutoring Center is a drop-in study skills center for students enrolled in Science & Allied Health courses.

There are tables for small group study, a resource library, and computers with internet access (no printing).

Students can request tutoring for:

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physical Therapist Assistant program
  • Occupational Therapy Assistant program
  • Vocational Nursing program
  • Associate Degree Nursing program

First-time students can meet with the Instructional Assistant (Callid Banks), or may be guided by their tutor during the first session on how to navigate the Penji app (see below).

SAHTC Tutoring Schedule


We offer tutoring for many courses, both online and on-campus. Use the Penji app or the Penji website to make an appointment or attend drop-in tutoring. With Penji you can do all of this in one place:

  • Schedule appointments, view appointment information, and cancel appointments
  • View drop-in tutoring, and join the drop-in queue
  • Join a group session or workshop
  • Share your documents using google drive
  • Chat with your tutor

Learn more about Penji

1. Get Started

Download Penji In the App Store or In Google Play
Log in to the Penji website using your student ID number and password

2. Make an Appointment

  1. Open the Penji App or log in to the Penji website
  2. Choose appointment length/type, class, time, tutor, and location
  3. Create session agenda

After you have created an appointment, you will be able to view appointment information in Penji, and cancel the appointment if necessary.

Video: How to make an appointment at the Tutoring and Learning Center using Penji

3. Join Drop-in Tutoring

  1. Open the Penji App or log in to the Penji website
  2. Choose ‘View drop-in tutoring’, class, and location
  3. Check in

Checking in means you have been placed in the queue, or waitlist, for drop-in tutoring. Tutors are notified that a student has joined the queue, and will meet with you as soon as possible.


Phone: (916) 558-2129


Current Tutoring Schedules are available:


Natural Sciences Building, NAS-115
3835 Freeport Boulevard
Sacramento, CA 95822