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Meta Majors

Not ready to pick a major? Explore meta majors to help you decide!

Meta majors are groups of degrees and certificates that are similar. Exploring meta majors will help you:

  • Have less uncertainty about requirements (and complete fewer excess units)
  • Do an intentional exploration of careers within a general field
  • Receive wrap-around delivery of services such as counseling and tutoring
A graphic illustration representing arts and communication. Illustration features a camera, paint brush, music symbol, theatre masks, and a piece of paper and pencil.

Arts and Communication

The Arts and Communication meta major refers to career fields and programs of study that are related to humanities, journalism, and writing, art, art history, media design, literary arts, technical arts, language, photography, performing arts, and fashion design. Careers in arts and communication combine creative expression and interpersonal skills to create innovative work. Explore the following programs:

A graphic illustration representing people and society. Illustration includes a courthouse, scale, fingerprint, and human head.

People and Society

Majors in the area of People and Society examine how people process and document the human experience and human behavior in our societies both current, past and present. Explore the following programs:

A graphic illustration representing business and industry. Illustration includes an airplane, gears, computer code, and a laptop.

Business and Industry

Students who choose the Business and Industry meta major can enjoy employment, advancement, and challenging careers in marketing, management, finance, accounting, real estate, and entrepreneurship. The career pathways include occupations that provide a bridge between business processes or initiatives and information technology processes. Students are generally workforce-ready upon completion of their program of choice. Explore the following programs:

A graphic illustration representing science, math, and engineering. Illustration includes a beaker, microscope, atom, math equation, and drawing compass.

Science, Math, and Engineering

These are the degrees with the most influence over our economy. Science, engineering and math graduates ultimately control how our environment expands and stabilizes. Studying how the most basic things work and interact, these students invent technology that affects the daily operations and capabilities of all other industries. Explore the following programs:

A graphic illustration representing health. Illustration includes a syringe, tooth, stethoscope, wheelchair, person running, and heart.

Health and Health Professions

These groups of majors reflect the segment of the health care field that delivers services involving the identification, evaluation and prevention of diseases and disorders; dietary and nutrition services; and rehabilitation and health systems management.

Careers in these professions play roles in evaluating and assessing a patient's needs, keeping the physician and others informed of the patient's progress and caring for the patient. Others work independently as specialists in exercise, nutrition, health education, and daily function. Explore the following programs: