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Screening Visit

New patients should expect to have an initial screening appointment prior to scheduling a cleaning or other dental treatments. No cost.

  • Your first visit will take approximately 45 minutes.
  • Your dental health will be assessed to determine if you are a good fit for the educational requirements of our students
  • A brief health history will be followed by a brief oral exam
  • The need for x-rays will be determined and may be taken at this time if appropriate
  • There is no charge for the initial screening, but a full set of x-rays is $25
  • Routine cases will be assigned to the spring and summer clinics only
  • More complex cases will be assigned to fall, spring & summer clinics

Specific Services

Currently-enrolled students in the district receive services at no charge.

Adult Cleaning

$25 first appointment + $10 for any additional appointments.

  • After the screening appointment, all cleaning appointments are 2-3 hours in length
  • Includes  scaling, polishing, and fluoride.
  • Complex treatment plans usually require more than one visit
  • In addition to a thorough cleaning, appointments involve: medical and dental histories, oral hygiene instructions, periodontal examination, and periodontal probing

*Local Anesthesia and/or nitrous oxide may be administered

Child Cleaning


  • Onetime fee
  • 5-17 years of age
  • Seen mainly in February only


$10.00 per tooth

  • Deters tooth decay

Full-Mouth X-Rays

$25.00 if requested by your dentist; free if it is for the educational use of students.

A full mouth set of x-rays (FMX) includes 18 intra-oral x-rays of the entire mouth.  This survey is the standard of care for all new patients, and is usually repeated approximately every three years.  We take both digital and conventional (film) x-rays. The type of x-rays to be taken will be determined based on both student and patient needs.

This appointment/procedure may be done separately from your screening appoint or may be scheduled together and can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 90 minutes depending on the situation. A copy of your x-rays may be mailed or emailed to your personal dentist at the end of your appointment upon request.

A written prescription from your dentist is required for this procedure.

Bitewing X-Rays


Bitewing x-rays include a set of four x-rays that are used primarily to determine if you have cavities between your back teeth. These x-rays are the standard of care and are usually taken every six months.