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Theatre Arts


Sacramento City College Theatre Arts

The Theatre Arts program provides students with an understanding of the overall process by which theatre is produced, including the theories and techniques of acting, directing, and playwriting, and the elements of technical theatre. It also provides an overview of the historical and social context of the theatre.

Career Options and Salaries

Students will be exposed to the core principles and practices of the field of theatre arts by learning the basics of acting, theatre technology, and production, and where theatre fits into both the historical and modern world of entertainment. The theater arts transfer degree is designed to facilitate successful transfer to baccalaureate theatre or drama degree programs.

Entry to mid-level careers

  • Performing Arts: $52,000
  • Musical Theater Performer: $51,000
  • Theater Director: $57,000
  • Screenwriter: $33,000
  • Theater Stage Manager: $50,000