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Sacramento City College Economics

Economics is the study of how we work to get the biggest bang for our buck, or how we transform scarce resources into goods and services to satisfy the most pressing of our infinite wants, and how we distribute those goods and services amongst ourselves. Most economists spend at least some of or all of their work day in an office environment, working on projects and research and meeting with clients or coworkers.  The stereotype of economists as “stodgy old professors” has undergone an evolution as clients and managers work side-by-side with economists to develop new business opportunities.

Career Options

There are a wide array of job opportunities in business, finance, government, and other sectors for an individual with an undergraduate degree in economics. Business firms of all sizes provide employment and career opportunities including jobs in banking, budget and market analysis, and in sales. Federal, state, and local government agencies require and employ individuals with training in economics to carry benefit-cost analysis and as research assistants and analysts. Job opportunities are expanding for employment for those seeking jobs with global or international focus.

Destination UC Davis

Destination UC Davis Destination UC Davis aims to increase our number of first-generation, African American/Black, and Latinx transfer students to UC Davis.