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The Optical Technician Program is currently accepting applications.

For the first cohort of this program, 20 applicants identified through the random selection process will be selected to enroll. All others are alternates and will be notified if/when seats become available in that semester.

In the event there are more applicants than spaces available, students will be entered into a random selection pool.

Students accepted for enrollment in the Optical Technician Certificate Program will be required to provide documentation of capability to perform essential job-related functions of an Optical Technician as determined by professional practice standards and the industry advisory board.

Certificates in this Program

Optical Technician Certificate

This is an academic certificate that prepares students for occupations in visual technology services.

Optical Technician Certificate

Contact Lens Technician Certificate

This is the second certificate in the series and has common courses with the entry-level Optical Technician certificate.

Contact Lens Technician Certificate

Steps to Apply

  1. Apply to SCC and obtain a student w-ID number (if not a current student).
  2. Apply to the Optical Technician Program