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Women and Gender Studies


Sacramento City College Women and Gender Studies

Women and Gender Studies is an interdisciplinary program that involves an interdisciplinary, multicultural, and transnational perspective of gender inequality. Based on the conviction that gender roles are socially constructed through time, the program employs perspectives from disciplines such as history, literature, philosophy, sociology, politics, and psychology to examine how gendered experiences are created and shaped by social and economic institutions, political movements, and individual experiences. The course of study centers on teaching students how to use feminist and social justice frameworks to analyze gender oppression within local, national, and global contexts. The program encourages an analysis of how race, class, sexuality, and nationality influence the construction of gender.

Career Options

The Women and Gender Studies program teaches written and oral communication skills, organization and sensitivity to marginalized or oppressed groups. These attributes can all be used in visual arts and writing careers or publishing and public relations which may include publishing or editing a feminist newsletter, working for a public relations firm, grant-writing or advocating for positive images of women in the media. Individuals may be employed with an organization or self-employed. Graduates of these programs have knowledge of power relationships and social justice issues that prepares them to work in law and government positions. Options are available in public and private sector organizations whose clients are primarily women and girls. These careers include some government agencies, protective and social services and international development.

Because a graduate from a Women and Gender Studies major learns interdisciplinary topics, he or she is well prepared for research and librarianship careers.