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Most Writing Center tutors are students who have completed ENGWR 300 or ESLW 340 with a grade of A or B, and have attended tutor training workshops. Some tutors are instructional assistant staff and English or ESL department faculty members.

Staff Tutors

I started working at a writing center as an undergraduate student tutor many years ago. I won’t say what year that was. The center was located in a science building right next to the anatomy and physiology lab, which led to a formaldehyde smell drifting in on warm days when the door was open.  I loved working at that writing center in spite of the formaldehyde smell, and I love working at our writing center now. It took me a long time to figure out that I should work at a writing center full time, but I am glad I did. At our center, I have the chance to work with a smart, funny, and kind group of tutors, staff, and faculty.  We are here to talk with you about any aspect of your writing and help you navigate whatever writing tasks you have. Writing is hard work, and we all experience times when we struggle with it. We all need to get another opinion about our writing sometimes, so don’t be shy about coming in to talk with us.

Hi everybody, my name is Meghan, and I’ve had the privilege of working at SCC’s Writing Center since 2010. I started out long ago as a student myself at SCC and ended up coming back to work here because this place helped shape me as a person and is special to me for that and many other reasons. I ended up transferring to UC Santa Cruz, where I got a bachelor’s degree in World Literature and Cultural Studies before returning to Sacramento to work in public schools for a few years. I later went back to school to get my master’s degree from Sac State in English Composition with certification in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages). My favorite thing about working at our Writing Center is the long conversations I get to have with students every day about the subjects that drive them and getting to read the world through their perspectives.

Ahoy hoy! My name is Jason, and I’ve been with SCC since 2018. I grew up in the Bay Area, where I attended a local community college before transferring to Sac State. After earning my BA in English, I spent a year writing and dropping letters for a labor union’s downtown legislative office (which was way more exciting than it sounds), then went back to Sac State for my master's in English Composition. Before joining the SCC Writing Center full time, I was a faculty tutor and also taught my own English Composition courses. I’ve always loved tutoring because it allows me the chance to help students build confidence in their writing process in a more relaxed and hands-on way. I also enjoy figuring out how students can integrate their own personal interests into their writing most effectively. In my free time, I love watching horror movies (the cheesier, the better), writing, and practicing photography.

Hi all! My name is Haley, and I’m an Instructional Assistant at the Writing Center. I worked at the Center from 2015-2018 and returned during the Spring semester of 2021 to work remotely. I’m currently living in San Diego. My favorite things to do are to play with my three cats and go on trips with my husband! I’m looking forward to working with you all this semester.

Hello everyone! My name is Kyle Woolsey, and I am an Instructional Assistant here at the Writing Center. Born and raised in Hawaiʻi, I moved to California in 2017 to attend Sacramento City College and am currently enrolled in the Occupational Therapy Assistant (OTA) program at SCC. Previously working at another Writing Center in Hawaiʻi, I grew a love and appreciation for helping other students in one of the world’s most culturally diverse cities. I enjoy being able to meet with students to discuss any writing assignments they may have or even just to talk about how their day is going! If I am not usually working, I am most likely working out at the gym or finding a trail/ hike to do. What I love about working here is being able to provide an inclusive space for all students, free of judgment and scrutiny, where we can discuss all aspects of the writing process.

Storm Imani Smith

Storm Smith

Tutor II

My name is Storm Imani Smith. I transferred from Sacramento City College in 2019, and while I used to be an English major, I graduated from CSU Sacramento with a Bachelors in Dance, and a minor in English. I enjoy working with students in the Writing Center because I get the opportunity to help them express their ideas through multiple stages of their assignments, as well as support them in their educational journey. My hope is that I can aid students in feeling more confident, or at least less overwhelmed about their course(s) by the end of our sessions. I look forward to working together!

Hello everyone! I am a former elementary school teacher. Just think, I could have been your first grade teacher! I have been an instructor at SCC for many years teaching reading courses. I have also taught in the English Reading/Writing Lab. Currently, I am a mentor in the ENG 300/80 classes. Part of my teaching career was spent working with students with a variety of learning disabilities helping them integrate into their high school classes. This actually is one of my passions. I love helping students try to figure out how to understand the assignment. I have taken several writing classes here at SCC, so I can appreciate the anxiety students face with an assignment. In my spare time, I love hiking, swimming, and Pilates. The outdoors is my favorite place to be!

Hi everyone, I’ve been an ESL instructor here at SCC for a long time. Through the years, I’ve had the privilege of teaching many wonderful students. For the past few years, I’ve also been lucky enough to be working in the Writing Center. I have met many students, and it’s been a pleasure to work with each one. Working at the Writing Center is rewarding, and I am lucky to work with the very helpful and friendly staff that works there.

Welcome to Sacramento City College and spring semester 2023! My name is Rosalinda Salazar, and I am lucky enough to be one of your writing tutors this semester. I have taught in the English Department at Sac City since 2005, and as I tell my colleagues, family, and friends…I have the best job in the world! I thoroughly enjoy teaching, meeting and interacting with students, and helping them grow as writers and citizens. I absolutely love hearing and reading what you have to say! In addition to being a teacher and a tutor, I am an avid runner, hiker, reader, and a quite talented amateur chef.

My name is Victoria, and I am an English as a Second Language professor here at SCC. I attended CSUS, where I received a BA in Liberal Studies, multicultural teaching credential, and MA in Education with a focus on English Language Development. I have been teaching for 20 years and love connecting with students from around the world; hearing their stories and dreams truly inspires me and teaches me a lot about life and living. I am excited to be in the Writing Center, and I look forward to working with you and helping you achieve your goals.

Student Tutors




Hey there! I’m Andrew Robarts, and I love tutoring! I’ve been a writing tutor since Fall 2014, so I have several years of tutoring experience. I love working with students and helping them find ways to express their arguments and ideas. I especially love exploring complex ideas from fresh perspectives. I look forward to working with you on any writing assignment you may have. See you later!

Angelo Nasca



Howdy! My name is Angelo Nasca. I am currently majoring in English, and hope to continue to pursue my career in teaching once I transfer. I have only recently begun to tutor, but I am looking forward to working with you and giving assistance when needed! In my free time, I usually like to read, bike around, or just browse the internet. I am excited to see what the future may hold; best wishes!

Chris Jones



Wassup, my name is Christopher Matthew Calvin Jones but you can just call me Chris, not Christopher. I’m a returning tutor with over 2 years of experience, and I am majoring in English. My dream is to someday become a big time director/screenwriter, with the hopes of eventually owning my own production company. In other words, if you need help with any creative writing assignments or film stuff, I am your go-to tutor. Other than my fascination with movies and T.V. shows, I'm also into lots of other things like making music, watching anime, Star Wars, Marvel, D.C. (basically almost anything nerdy), and playing video games. My main goal as a writing tutor is to make sure that every student leaves with more confidence in their ideas and their writing abilities. I would say that my favorite part of the tutoring process is helping someone formulate their thoughts into a concept, so if outlines aren’t your thing, then I would love to help you out. Whether we’re meeting online or in person, I look forward to tutoring you!

Grace Close



Hi everybody! My name is Grace, and I'm an English major. My main hobbies include writing, reading, listening to music, and spending time with family and friends. I adore animals and have lots of pets. I've always loved helping people, and as a writing tutor, I hope to be a source of support and inspiration for students. Writing has always been a big passion of mine, and I'm excited to share my knowledge and the joy it brings me with my fellow students.

Haven Bright



Hi! My name is Haven and I am a second-year psychology student at SCC. Although my current goal for the future is to become a guidance counselor, I have always had a great passion for writing and a desire to help others discover their literary voices. In keeping with this, it's my pleasure to be working with SCC as a new Writing Center tutor. Looking forward to seeing you on campus! :)

Henry Powell



Hi, I’m Henry. I’m a student here at SCC, currently studying to go into speech therapy to work with kids. I’ve been writing, peer reviewing, and reading other people’s writing for years at this point. When I’m not tutoring, I’m probably listening to the Pixies, The Breeders, Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen, The Strokes, or one of a million other artists. Either that, or I’m running, playing guitar, writing songs, reading, hanging out with my friends, or playing video games (right now I’m playing Street Fighter 6–I’m not very good). I’m looking forward to helping everyone with their writing!




Hello! My name is Jolie Topete, and I'm a second-year student at SCC. I grew up in Waldorf education which has made me familiar with many topics, activities, and ideologies. Like many, I have a learning disability (dyslexia) and can relate to and help students who have struggles with writing. And despite only being in my second year, I have made my fair share of enrollment mistakes that have made me exhaustingly familiar with the entire Los Rios district. As all my classes are online, I am excited to meet, tutor, and work with everyone!

Mai Garcia



Hello, I’m Mai! I’m currently completing my third semester at SCC, and I’m working towards receiving my degree in Psychology. I find interest in learning new information and helping other people. So, I look forward to meeting and guiding you along your writing path while I get to learn any new knowledge from your work!

Nyquis Morgan



Hello. I’m Nyquis and I’m a sophomore here at SCC. I am a Graphic Design major and my hobbies include drawing, writing, and gaming. This is my third semester tutoring at the Writing Center, and I look forward to working with you.

Shaan Ali



Greetings everyone, I am Shaan, and I'm a tutor at the SCC Writing Center. I'm pursuing a major in Pre-med and looking forward to transferring next year. I have recently started tutoring here and am excited to assist you with any writing assignments you may have. Please don't hesitate to approach me with any writing assignments. I'm here to offer guidance and support to help you succeed. I also have a passion for Acting and I have been involved in theatrical productions, and it's a creative outlet that I truly enjoy. I believe that my experience in theatre can bring a unique and imaginative perspective to our interactions. So don't hesitate to chat with me about anything related to dramatic arts.

Vanessa GarciaVanessa


Hello! My name is Vanessa Garcia and this is my second year at SCC. I’m majoring in English, and I hope to become a published author one day. I know that getting assistance can be challenging, but I’m excited to help in anyway I can! While writing can look like many things, your voice should always shine through, and sometimes it takes just a little extra support to make that happen!

Front Desk Clerks



Clerk I

Hello! My name is Andrea and I work at the SCC Main Writing Center as a front desk clerk. I graduated from Sacramento City College in 2022 and received Associate Degrees in political science and history. I transferred to UC Berkeley as a junior transfer where I’ll be double majoring in rhetoric and political science on a pre-law track. During my free time, I enjoy visiting new restaurants with my friends or listening to my favorite podcast, Ologies with Alie Ward.

Kashia Lee


Front Desk Clerk

Hello there! My name is Kashia Lee, and I am one of the clerks here at the Writing Center. I am currently majoring in Fashion Apparel and planning to transfer to CSUS in the near future. I enjoy talking to students and helping them get their appointments with our tutors. Outside of school, I stay sane by watching my favorite streamers, eating sashimi, and sleeping in. Working at the Writing Center has been one of the best decisions I have ever made and I look forward to hearing from you all!


Assistant Clerk

Hi, my name is Lauren. I have been at SCC since Fall of 2021. I am a business major interested working in public relations and marketing in the music industry. I love listening to music and going to concerts in my free time. I also do some writing myself during my free time, as a freelance music blogger writing reviews! I am a student clerk as of Fall 2023, but this is my second job on campus. I am also a DSPS student so I am very patient and understanding in assisting students.


Front Desk Clerk

Hello everyone, my name is Lissethe, and I work at the SSC Writing Center as a front desk clerk. I’m Mexican-American, and my first language is Spanish. I graduated from high school in Mexico and am currently majoring in Administration of Justice and taking English as a Second Language classes at Sac City College. I plan to transfer to CSU San Diego and get a bachelor's degree in Psychology and then go to law school and fulfill one of my biggest dreams, which is to work at the UN. I really enjoy working at the Writing Center, meeting new people, and having the opportunity to help other students.


Clerk I

Hi everyone, my name is Sophia and I have been working for the Writing Center as a clerk for almost a year. I enjoy playing video games, watching movies, and traveling in my free time. It is my second semester here at Sac City and I am hoping to become a nurse in the future. I love working in the Writing Center, and I look forward to helping students with any questions that they may have.