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Empowering women to excel in tech.

Women are under-represented in computer science in higher education for the last few decades and in high demand in the information technology industry.

Women Who Code (WWC) is a college program to promote gender diversity in computer science education, support women studying in computer science, and create opportunities for women to enjoy many of the current and future lucrative, flexible, and high-status careers in the IT industry.

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We welcome all women taking CIS courses!

Regardless of your level of experience, we welcome everyone who is interested in information technology, programming/coding, computer science, and data science.

Program Goals

  • Provide social opportunities and support for women students to network.
  • Discuss issues and challenges in academia and in our daily lives.
  • Connect students to peers and industry mentors.
  • Build personal connections and lasting friendships.

Program Activities

Industry Panels

The WWC industry panel discussion is provided for our interested students to meet IT industry leaders and women role models.  The panelists from hi-tech companies worldwide (e.g., such as Google, Intel, Oracle, HP, SAS, and more…) share their professional experience and provide perspectives and information about career paths. This event is highly valuable in supporting, inspiring, and encouraging more women students to pursue IT careers and their future success. 

Peer Mentoring

The WWC peer mentoring program is designed to support women in computer science education and foster a sense of community and belonging. The program services include:

  • Providing social, personal, academic, and emotional support 
  • Addressing issues and challenges in academic and life
  • Facilitating personal and academic growth
  • Connecting to peer mentors to build personal connections and lasting friendship
  • Cultivating interpersonal communication skills
  • Developing qualities essential for leadership in the 21st century


Students will have opportunities to attend local, national, and global hi-tech conferences and network.

Coding Workshops

Students will have opportunities to explore computer programming skills and build creative Apps.


Every Tuesday
12:00 pm to 1:00 pm

Join on Zoom


Program Coordinator: Meili Xu


Did you know that the first computer programmer was a woman?

Ada LovelaceAda Lovelace designed the first computer algorithm for a proposed computer in 1843, thus becoming the first computer programmer.

More about Ada Lovelace