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Learning Skills and Tutoring Center

The Learning Skills & Tutoring Center (LSTC), located in the Learning Resource Center, is available to students of all skill levels as a resource for becoming more confident, independent learners.


We offer tutoring for many courses, both online and on-campus. Use the Penji app or the Penji website to make an appointment or attend drop-in tutoring. With Penji you can do all of this in one place:

  • Schedule appointments, view appointment information, and cancel appointments
  • View drop-in tutoring, and join the drop-in queue
  • Join a group session or workshop
  • Share your documents using google drive
  • Chat with your tutor

Learn more about Penji

1. Get Started

  1. Download Penji In the App Store or In Google Play
    Log in to the Penji website using your student ID number and password
  2. Fill out Intake Form

We ask students to fill out our intake form each semester they are using tutoring services.

2. Make an Appointment

  1. Open the Penji App or log in to the Penji website
  2. Choose appointment length/type, class, time, tutor, and location
  3. Create session agenda

After you have created an appointment, you will be able to view appointment information in Penji, and cancel the appointment if necessary.

3. Join Drop-in Tutoring

  1. Open the Penji App or log in to the Penji website
  2. Choose ‘View drop-in tutoring’, class, and location
  3. Check in

Checking in means you have been placed in the queue, or waitlist, for drop-in tutoring. Tutors are notified that a student has joined the queue, and will meet with you as soon as possible.


How long are tutoring sessions?

Tutoring sessions can be 25 or 55 minutes long.

How many times per week can I meet with a tutor?

Students can meet with a tutor for a total of 2 hours per week (Students using DSPS may be eligible for extra time per week).

How far in advance do I have to schedule a tutoring appointment?

Students will need to schedule appointments 2 hours in advance, and can schedule up to 2 weeks in advance for tutoring.


Subjects/Classes Available for Tutoring

  • Anthropology - 300, 301, 310
  • Biology - 100, 402, 430, 431, 440
  • Chemistry - 300, 305, 306, 309, 400, 401, 420, 421
  • Early Childhood Education - 312
  • Japanese - all level
  • Mathematics - most levels
  • Nutrition - 300
  • Physics - all level
  • Spanish - all level

Can’t find the subject/class you are looking for tutoring?

More tutoring options at SCC


Contact our front desk at (916) 573-0142 or

Who are the LSTC Tutors?

Most LSTC tutors are SCC students who have completed the class they are tutoring for with a grade of A or B, and have completed a tutor education course. Some tutors are Instructional Assistant staff.

LSTC Tutor Bios


Each semester, staff intends to hold workshops covering a variety of topics related to academic or study skills. Events such as tutoring info sessions may also be held to learn more about tutoring and meet staff.


Call or Text: (916) 573-0142

Summer Hours


  • Wednesday to Thursday:
    10:00 am to 2:00 pm


  • Monday to Thursday:
    10:00 am to 2:00 pm


Learning Resource Center, LRC 144
3835 Freeport Boulevard
Sacramento, CA 95822


Coordinator/Professor: Loretta Richard
Phone: (916) 558-2183
Office Location: Learning Resource Center, LRC 151

Coordinator/Professor: Elizabeth Stevenson
Phone: (916) 558-2600
Office Location: Learning Resource Center, LRC 150

Tutorial Services Assistant: Cady (Catherine) Daly
Phone: (916) 558-2675
Office Location: Learning Resource Center, LRC 136

Instructional Assistant: Stephanie Cortez
Phone: (916) 650-2995
Office Location: Learning Resource Center, LRC 149