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Ashley OrnellasAshley Ornellas

ANTH 300,301/BUS320/ECE 312/PSYC 300/SPAN Tutor

Hi everyone! My name is Ashley Ornellas. I am a Spanish major working toward one day becoming a Spanish teacher/professor. I love baking, reading, and most of my time is spent as a mom to my three kids. I tutor SPAN 401 & 402, ANTH 300 & 301, ECE 312, PSYC 300, & BUS 320. I am available for appointments and drop ins 4 days a week so I hope to meet you soon!


ANTH 310/NUTRI 300 Tutor

Hello everyone! My name is Leticia, and this is my second year at Sacramento City College. I plan on transferring to Sacramento State, and enrolling in their nursing program. My goal is to become a Labor and Delivery nurse. I love to travel and learn about cultural differences, which is why I love cultural anthropology! Being able to travel and see these differences is very humbling, rewarding, and can teach you a lot about the society you live in. I am also going to be tutoring nutrition, which is also another class that I enjoyed taking. I think it is very important to know how to better take care of yourself!