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CHEM 300, 305, 306, 330, 400, 401, 420, 421

My name is Ayeesha! I am a tutor here at LRC for a lot of the chemistry classes. My major is chemical engineering and I'm hoping to transfer to SJSU to gain a bachelor's and a masters. I like to spend my free time with friends, playing video games, baking, exploring new places, and surprisingly cleaning as well.


BIOL 402, 422
CHEM 300, 305

My name is Allie, and I am a pre-med physiology major at UC Davis studying to become a radiologist. I tutor Biology and Chemistry online. Between college and work, I frequently spend my time in research, with friends, or with family back home in the Bay Area. I wish you luck with your studies and goals!


DEAF 310

I have always wanted to learn sign language and finally got the opportunity to take my first class last semester. I am currently taking Deaf 312 and will continue my ASL journey until I am able to become a certified interpreter. I am hearing but enjoy the fully body movement of ASL and I want to expand my capabilities at communication with different groups. My educational goal is to transfer into Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and major in environmental Management and protection.

When I am not tutoring I work at a horse ranch as well as volunteer at a horse rescue down in Lompoc. My life is full of art, music, horses of course and family.


GEOG 300, 301
PSYC 300
SOC 300, 301, 321, 375, 382

My name is Derlin, He/She/They, and I am a tutor here at the TLC. I am a sociology major with a communication emphasis. I tutor in Sociology, Psychology and Geography. In my free time, I like to play videogames, listen to music, cook delicious food and play with my dogs. I am a very friendly and laid back person that's willing to work through any obstacle placed in front of you.

Diego C.Diego

CHEM 300, 305, 400

I am a full time student currently majoring in biology. I plan to transfer to UC Irvine to major in neurobiology.


Diego L.

ENGR 422
MATH 300, 310, 340, 342, 355, 372, 373, 400, 401, 402
PHYS 350, 360

My name is Diego and I specialize in tutoring subjects like mathematics, engineering, and physics. I am currently majoring in Mechanical Engineering and will be completing my final academic year at SCC before transferring to Sacramento State University next year. In addition to tutoring at the TLC and Math Lab Centers for the past two years, I am also a member of the wrestling team here at SCC. In my spare time, I enjoy learning foreign languages and exploring the night sky with my telescope.


CHEM 300, 305, 330, 400, 401
ENGR 312, 412
MATH 300, 310, 340, 342, 355, 372, 373, 400, 401
PHYS 350, 360, 410, 420, 430

My name is Elijah! I primarily tutor for Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, and Engineering-based classes. I have over two and a half years of college level tutoring experience as well as one year as a TA for general chemistry classes. I am a sophomore majoring in Mechanical/Aeronautical Engineering at Sacramento City College. I will be transferring to UC Davis in Fall 2024 to study Aerospace Science and Engineering and Mechanical Engineering at UC Davis. My goal is to work as an engineer in the aerospace field, perhaps designing and building airplanes. I love taking classes that enrich my understanding of how the world works, especially when it involves anything flying related! I love tutoring because I love empowering students to succeed in college. I am passionate about giving back to students because I have personally felt how impactful tutoring and mentorship have been for my own success and I want to do the same for other students. For fun, I enjoy cooking delicious food, gaming, spending time in nature, flying around northern CA visiting new airports, and spending time with friends.


AH 311
STAT 300

Hello! I am so excited to help students with STAT 300, AH 311, and NUTRI 300! I understand how challenging statistics, medical language, and nutrition can be, and I just want to do my best to assist students on their journey through their classes their college career! In my free time I love running, being in nature, drawing, or playing the clarinet! My favorite food is pickles!
I hope you have a nice semester, and I wish you well, and I am happy to help you with any statistics, nutrition, or medical language question!


KOREAN 401, 402, 411, 412

My name is Grace and I'm a Korean tutor. I'm an international student from Korea so feel free to ask me anything about Korea! In our tutoring sessions, we can focus on your class material or practice speaking Korean together. I'm excited to see you soon!


BIO 430

My name is Jess, and I'm currently finishing up my degree in Physical Therapy assistance. I specialize in Human Anatomy, but I'm also knowledgeable in other health and fitness related subjects such as biology, kinesiology, and nutrition. My hobbies include fitness and recreational activities, swimming, gaming, playing guitar, and spending time with my cat, Meowlnir.


ECE 300, 312, and 314
FRENCH 401, 402, 411, 412

I'm Khadija! I tutor French, as well as ECE 300, 312, and 314. I'm currently studying to get my associate's degree in early childhood education. When I'm not tutoring or attempting to cram all my schoolwork into one day, I'm usually reading, writing, or dreaming about moving out of California so I can finally get a pet ferret :]


ANTH 310
DEAF 310, 312, 314

My name is Leticia, I am a hearing student, and I am very excited to be one of your tutors this semester! I have taken DEAF 310 with Professor Masterson in Spring 2022, DEAF 312 with Professor Hillenbrand summer '22, and DEAF 314 with Professor Shatwell-Gould Fall '22. I completed DEAF 316 with Professor Birchall, and recently finished her DEAF 318 course! I first wanted to start learning ASL as a way to make sure I would be able to communicate effectively with my future patients, as well as make sure that they felt heard and listened to. I absolutely loved learning Sign Language so much that I decided to double-major in Nursing and Deaf Studies! ASL is a beautiful and fun language to learn, and I hope you all love it as much as I do :)


ACCT 101, 104, 103, 107, 111, 301, 311, 341
BUS 300, 320
ECON 302,304

My name is Natalie, and I am excited to be a part of the Tutoring and Learning Center. As an Advanced Tutor, I specialize in tutoring a wide range of accounting classes offered at SCC. Whether you are grappling with the foundational principles or delving into more complex topics, I’m here to assist you with your learning endeavor. Drawing from my previous experience as a Teaching Assistant at UC Santa Cruz, I have developed a deep passion for education. My goal is not only to prepare students for the exams but also to ensure that students understand the concepts by providing personalized support and guidance tailored to their unique needs and learning styles. I strongly believe that education is a never-ending process and it doesn’t stop after earning a degree or starting a career. Following my graduation from UC Santa Cruz with a Bachelor's degree in Business Management Economics, I decided to enhance my technical proficiency, particularly in accounting software programs such as SAP and QuickBooks. During my free time, I enjoy taking photos, cooking, and running by the ocean in Santa Cruz.


DEAF 310, 312, 314

My name is Vanessa (Nessa), and I’m a tutor at SCC. This is my fourth semester tutoring. I love tutoring because I love supporting others and it’s a great refresher for me as well. I have completed DEAF 318 and am currently in the ASL-English interpreting program. Looking forward to meeting everyone!


SPAN 401
BUS 300, 340
ACCT 101, 301

My name is Yolanda. I tutor in Accounting, Business, and Spanish. I've been a Sac City student since 2015. My college journey has been a long one but I've learned so much. I'm majoring in Business Administration for Transfer with the hope of transferring to Sac State and getting my Bachelor's in Business Administration Accountancy. I would love to be a CPA someday.


MATH 372 and 373

I am majoring in math. I am a math tutor and a Mandarin tutor. I can also speak Cantonese. I like meeting students and helping them. It makes my day happy. If you need help, just make an appointment with me. I would be excited to solve the problems with you.