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Social Care Organizations

Organization People/Companies They Serve Services Provided Contact Info
Emergency Fund Adults, young adults, teens, seniors, covid19, African American, Latino, Native American Financial Assistance Arts and Culture Leaders of Color Emergency Fund
Emergency Broadband Benefit Adults, young adults, teens, seniors, covid19, students, individuals, families, benefit recipients, low-income, more Help pay for internet or phone (833) 511-0311
Apply for Assistance
Parenting Support Groups and Educational Classes Adults, young adults, teens, seniors, individuals, families, with children, single parent, Native American, spouses, more Parenting education, understand mental health, support network, support groups, virtual support
Native Dads Network
Domestic and Sexual Violence Hotline All ages, Native American, domestic violence survivors, sexual assault survivors, in crisis Help escape violence, navigating the system, help hotlines, one-on-one support, peer support (844) 762-8483
Cultural Arts Family Campout All ages, Native American Recreation, overnight camp (530) 888-8767
Dental Services Adults, young adults, teens, children, seniors, benefit recipients, low-income, uninsured, Native American Dental care (916) 341-0575
Cultural Arts Classes Teens, children, students Skills & training (530) 888-8767
Behavioral Health Department Adults, young adults, teens, children, seniors, substance dependency, all mental health Addition & recovery, 12-step, mental health care, anger management, counseling, substance abuse counseling, family counseling, individual counseling, outpatient treatment, hospital treatment, understand mental health, support groups (916) 341-0575
Toys for Tots Native American Program Infants, children, Native American Toys & gifts (949) 364-5531
Positive Indian Parenting Program All ages, parents Parenting education  (530) 888-8767
Family Activity Nights Anyone in need, all ages Recreation  (530) 888-8767
Medical Department All ages, pregnant, cancer, breast cancer, colon cancer, chronic illness, diabetes, families, facing end of life, young adult cancer survivors, more Health education, disease management, family planning, nutrition education, medical care, checkup & test, pregnancy tests, prevent & treat, vaccinations, mental health care, counseling, support groups (916) 341-0575
American Indian and Alaska Native Head Start Children, low-income, Native American Head start (866) 763-6481
Legal Services All ages, Native American Advocacy & legal aid, representation (800) 736-3582
Family Violence Prevention Program All ages, individuals, families, Native American, domestic violence survivors, in crisis, emergency Navigating the system, one-on-one support (916) 973-9581
Health Services All ages, Native American Addiction & recovery, dental care, health education, vision care, medical care, maternity care, disease management, specialized therapy, vaccination, mental health care Indian Health Service