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WorkAbility III

Workability III is a program that helps students with disabilities explore careers and prepare for employment. The program is a collaboration between the Department of Rehabilitation and the Los Rios Community College District.

Program Goals

The program’s goal is to build a robust workforce in the Sacramento region by empowering individuals with disabilities to develop their skills and thrive in the workplace.


Workability III Students must:

  • Be enrolled at one of the Los Rios colleges
  • Be a participant (or eligible to be a participant) of the Department of Rehabilitation
  • Have a diagnosed disability


Workability III Students must:

  • Job-seeking skills class
  • Individual career counseling
  • Career-related educational planning
  • Connections to volunteer or paid internships
  • Job search assistance

Skills Classes and Workshops

WorkAbility III students can enroll in a Job Seeking Skills class (HCD 330) designed specifically to serve students with disabilities who are transitioning from college to employment.

Topics include:

  • Clarifying your career goals
  • Non-traditional job-seeking strategies
  • Disability issues and accommodations planning
  • Employment portfolio (resumes, cover letters, references, etc.)
  • Interview preparation