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If this is your first time requesting services through DSPS:

  1. Complete the PDF download  Intake packet (PDF)

    DSPS is an Agency-Based Registration Site under the NVRA, where students have the opportunity to become registered voters during the application process. There is no obligation to register to vote and the student's decision will have no effect on services offered by DSPS.

    To be eligible to register to vote, you must be a U.S. Citizen, and meet all eligibility requirements. Need to check if you’re eligible?  See who can vote in California. Ready to register? Register to Vote.
  2. Complete the PDF download  Disability Verification form (PDF)
    • Fill out the “Student Section”
    • Have your doctor complete the “Professional Section”
  3. Meet with a counselor to discuss the specific services and modifications available to you
  4. Submit a Service Request Form at least two weeks before classes begin (or at least a month before classes begin if your modifications require equipment or staff, e.g. notetakers, ASL interpreters)

If you have already completed the intake process:

You may simply submit a Service Request Form (this includes requests for instructor notification letters).

Service Request Form