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College2Career (C2C) is a three-year program that supports the education and employment of individuals with intellectual disabilities. Students will enroll in courses related to their education and employment plans, and will participate in volunteer or paid internships with positions on campus or in the community. C2C is part of the college’s DSPS services and is funded through the Department of Rehabilitation.

Program Goal

The C2C program’s goal is to prepare students with the skills they need to obtain jobs related to each student’s own unique set of abilities and interests.


All students in the program must be a participant of the Department of Rehabilitation and Alta California Regional Center, and have a diagnosed intellectual disability. Program enrollment is limited each year. Admission is based on intake interviews and is made at the discretion of the C2C coordinator.

C2C Students Must:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Have a medical diagnosis for intellectual disability
  • Be a client of Alta California Regional Center
  • Be a participant (or eligible to be a participant) of the Department of Rehabilitation


C2C Students Must:

  • Have transportation to and from SCC campus and potential work sites
  • Be able to independently understand and interact with college-level material, attend classes, complete work and participate in program activities
  • Be able to respond appropriately to questions follow directions and demonstrate potential to benefit from the program
  • Demonstrate appropriate adaptive and self-help behavior, including providing personal attendant if necessary
  • Demonstrate measurable academic progress in all coursework
  • Abide by SCC’s Standard of Conduct


You can get a referral to join the C2C program from any of the following:

  • DSPS counselor from Sacramento City College
  • Alta California Regional Center coordinator
  • Department of Rehabilitation counselor