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Tutoring for Math, Chemistry, and Writing (for all disciplines) is available to all SCC students.

During college remote operations and campus closure, most tutoring is done online.

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Online Tutoring

What Is NetTutor?

NetTutor is a third party tutoring company chosen by SCC as an adequate supplement for online tutoring for our non-operated hours. They are not part of the tutoring staff at SCC but they provide convenient 24/7 tutoring service and a wide range of subjects, including those that the Davis Center currently does not provide tutoring for.

Who Can Use NetTutor?

All SCC students are welcome to use NetTutor but they are advised to first utilize available services provided by SCC campuses. Online writing tutoring service is only available through the writing center, not NetTutor.

How Does NetTutor Work?

NetTutor utilizes a browser-friendly platform, WorldWideWhiteboard, for their tutoring sessions. Average sessions are about 20 minutes but students are welcome to take as long as needed. Tutoring is synchronous with chat features available for communication. Wait time to connect to a live tutor is usually less than a minute.

How Do I Start?

If you are currently an SCC student, NetTutor can be accessed through Canvas.

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