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CalWORKs (California Work Opportunity and Responsibility to Kids) is a statewide public assistance program that provides cash aid and services to eligible families that have a child or children in the home.

What is the CalWORKs Program?

The CalWORKs program at Sacramento City College (SCC) helps students to pursue their educational and occupational goals while still meeting county guidelines and requirements.

The SCC CalWORKs program staff and counselors are here to:

  • Support you on your path to self-sufficiency
  • Ensure you are receiving the county supportive services for which you are eligible
  • Make sure you are enrolled in an educational program that is approved by the Welfare-to Work Program guidelines
  • Help you to understand your rights and responsibilities as a student and a recipient of CalWORKs

The program also provides support that includes:

  • Academic, career, and personal counseling
  • Coordination with county caseworker
  • Help with Monthly Attendance/Progress Reports
  • Priority enrollment
  • Referrals to on- and off-campus support services
  • Backpack/School Supplies
  • Work study
  • P2P Mentor Collective Program
  • Student Survival kits
  • Educational Grant
  • And much more

Are You Already in CalWORKS?

Counselors for the CalWORKs program are only available to serve students who are active in this program. Students not in this program will be redirected to the General Counseling link or phone number, so that the appropriate appointment can be made. If you are a CalWORKs student, please call or email us to make a counseling appointment.

Are You Already Active in Our CalWORKS Program?

I am an active CalWORKS student.

To make an appointment with a CalWORKs Counselor, please contact us: 

Phone: (916) 558-2331

We offer same-day appointments when available.

I am not in CalWORKS.

Counselors for the CalWORKs program are only available to serve students who are active in this program. Please contact general  Counseling so that the appropriate appointments can be made.

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Eligibility is determined each semester by showing verification of county cash aid. County cash aid verification must reflect that both the student and an eligible child under the age of 18 are receiving cash aid and must be dated by county representatives in the month in which college CalWORKs services are requested.

Additionally, students must: 

  • Students must be enrolled at Sacramento City College Main Campus, West Sacramento Center or Davis Center in order to receive services.
  • Students must maintain good academic standing.
  • Students must select a county approved occupation.
  • Students cannot change their occupation choice without county approval.
  • Students must fulfill their county weekly hourly obligation.
    • Single adult with a child under six - 20 hours
    • Single adult with no children under six - 30 hours
    • Two-parent family - 35 hours

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CalWORKS Counselors

Academic, career, and personal counseling services are available to all CalWORKs students.  Counselors develop an Individual Student Education Plan to help you meet your educational goals.  All CalWORKs students are required to meet with a CalWORKs counselor a minimum of once per semester to guide you through your educational journey.  In doing so, they also ensure that college and county requirements are met so that there is no interruption in your county cash aid.

CalWORKS Case Management Services

CalWORKs Case Management Services are here to serve you! We want you to succeed!

So that you will fulfill your Welfare-to-Work requirements, the SCC CalWORKs program provides case management to help you navigate through all of your responsibilities and ensure academic success.

Regional Resources


Phone: (916) 558-2331


Monday to Friday:
8:00 am to 4:30 pm


South Gym second floor, SOG 205
3835 Freeport Boulevard
Sacramento, CA 95822


Dean: Andre Coleman

Student Support Assistant: Velisa Robertson
Phone: (916) 558-2307

SCC CalWORKs Student Area Outcomes

SCC CalWORKs (CW) Program will:

  • Provide term-to-term SCC CW Grants to our CW students: provide stipend CW Grant based on CW State Grant availability to offset basic expenses of living (housing, transportation, utility bills, food etc.) and also to cover school supplies. Our target this year is to continue our SCC CW Grant to help SCC CW student success in school.
  • Support CalWORKs students in successfully completing their matriculation component: Orientation, CW Counselor mandate & Student Educational Plan at higher rates than SCC students not in CalWORKs, Priority Registration, and CWS Program. Students will work with CW Counselors to identify the appropriate academic accommodations necessary to address their individual needs. CW Students will feel supported and encouraged by the SCC CW Program on their educational journey at SCC.
  • Support CW students in term-to-term persistence through our services and support in a welcoming and positive environment making it comfortable for students to request assistance. CW Students will demonstrate basic knowledge of SCC CW Program principles, rules, and regulations, and meet deadlines