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Pride Center

SCC offers a wide variety of cultural retention and engagement opportunities to make sure our students are successful. The Pride center is one of our Cultural Engagement Centers. The Pride Center strives to build an inclusive campus that affirms and empowers LGBTQIA+ students through educational opportunities, intersectional support services, and building a sense of belonging

Open Mic Event group photo Open Mic Event

Open Mic Event with performer on stage and audience Open Mic Event

Open Mic Event with performer on stage and audience Open Mic Event

National Coming Out Day group photo with rainbow balloon arch National Coming Out Day

National Coming Out Day group photo with rainbow balloons National Coming Out Day

National Coming Out Day standing speaker and seated panel National Coming Out Day

National Coming Out Day resources table with staff and students National Coming Out Day

National Coming Out Day panel presentation with staff and students National Coming Out Day

How to Get Involved

We encourage you to get involved, participate, and take pride in your identity and cultural background.

The campus and community at Sacramento City College provide a safe space for speaking out against injustice and issues affecting the LGBTQIA+ community.

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Queer-Straight Alliance (QSA)

Queer-Straight Alliance (QSA)

[Currently Inactive] The Queer & Straight Alliance is organized and operated for educational, supportive, and social purposes in order to promote increased knowledge and greater interest in diversity and the LGBT+ community in the Los Rios Community College District and in the greater Sacramento area.

Queer-Straight Alliance (QSA)

Lavender Celebration

Lavender Celebration

The annual Lavender Celebration celebrates the accomplishments of LGBTQIA+ students graduating from Los Rios colleges.

Lavender Celebration


How Do I Report a Bias Incident?

If you experience an act of harassment, discrimination, or violence because of your age, race, sex, religion, ethnic background, disability, sexual orientation, and/or gender identity and expression, we encourage you to report that incident. 

To file a complaint, fill out a PDF download Discrimination Complaint Form (PDF) and submit it to your equity officer. This form is not required and a complaint will not be rejected based on failure to use the form.

Complaint Resolution

If it is determined that misconduct occurred, then Los Rios Community College District will take immediate steps to halt misconduct and remedy any effects of that misconduct.

An equity officer will hold an informal conference if the complainant wants to try and resolve the complaint informally. The equity officer will provide information about applicable laws and rules. If an informal resolution is not reached or if the complainant disagrees with the recommendation made, then the complainant may engage in a formal resolution process.

More About Equity and Diversity at Los Rios

What are Sacramento City College’s Bathroom Policies?

Every student has the right to use campus facilities without being harassed, bullied, or victimized. At this point, Sacramento City College has no clear policy regarding the use of gendered spaces and facilities, including men’s and women’s multi-stall bathrooms. However, at SCC we affirm that every student has the right to use the bathroom that corresponds with their gender identity. In addition, there are single-stall unisex restrooms for student use in the Cosmetology building and in the Child Development Center.

SCC is in the process of identifying additional existing single-stall restrooms and replacing the "men/women" signs with unisex/gender-neutral signs. Additionally, SCC will incorporate single-stall unisex restrooms into any new building construction plans wherever feasible.

Bathrooms are not the only gendered spaces on campus. Many students use locker rooms and other athletic facilities, and every student has the right to a safe environment when using those facilities. The NCAA has developed a clear set of policies (PDF) regarding the inclusion of transgender student-athletes, and the LGBTQIA Subcommittee recommends that the college adheres to these policies.

What is AB 620?

AB 620, also known as the Equality and Equal Access in Higher Education Act, was signed into California law in 2011.

The act requires community colleges, CSUs, and UCs to adopt and publish policies on harassment, intimidation and bullying. It also requires each college to designate an employee at each of their respective campuses as a point of contact to address the needs of LGBT faculty, staff and students. The law also revises the definition of gender to include “gender expression” for purposes of the Equity in Higher Education Act. All students have the right to a welcoming, inclusive campus atmosphere, and AB 620 helps to protect that right.

You can find more information about AB 620 at the Equality California website.

How Do I Change My Name on Class Rosters?

All of your student information at the college is tracked by your student ID number, which is linked to your legal name. If you’d like a preferred name to be listed on your instructor’s class rosters, you can indicate that using eServices.

  1. Log onto eServices.
  2. On your eServices home page, scroll down to the "Personal Information" tab.
  3. Click the link that says "Names".
  4. Click "Edit". When you get to this page, fill in your preferred name.

In addition to changing your name on eServices, you may decide that you want to inform your instructor about your name, gender identity, and preferred. Here is a sample letter you can send to your instructor:

Dear [insert appropriate title and professor’s name]:

I am a student in your [insert class name]. The purpose of this email is to inform you of something I would like you to know about me before the semester begins. I am getting in contact with you to let you know that I identify as transgender (or other gender identity). To me, being transgender means I am female (or male) bodied, but I self-identify as male (or female, or however the student identifies).

My name will probably show up on your roster as [birth name], but I would prefer to go by [preferred name here] and to be referred to with [preferred] pronouns. I would appreciate it if you called me [preferred name] in class. Please keep this information confidential. If you have any questions for me regarding this, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Thank you very much for your understanding,


Note: The preferred name you indicate on eServices will show up on your instructor’s class roster and on the D2L classlist. However, other campus information is stored according to your legal name and student ID number.

What are Student Rights and Responsibilities?

Sacramento City College envisions an education system in which specific rights, obligations, and expectations for students and education providers will be clearly expressed, so that all participants in the educational process, including families, can understand and respond to them. These rights, obligations, and expectations would define what the college considers to be the essential elements of high-quality teaching and learning to which all students and education providers should have access.

Student Rights and Responsibilities

Pride Center Events


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  • Monday to Thursday:
    8:00 am to 5:00 pm


  • Monday to Friday:
    8:00 am to 5:00 pm


The Cultural Engagement Center
South Gym SOG 234
3835 Freeport Boulevard
Sacramento, CA 95822


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Lavender Celebration

Los Rios Community College District-Wide Virtual Lavender Graduation

Lavender Celebration

Lavender Celebration

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