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International Student Enrollment Steps

Before you enroll in classes, make sure you have completed the International Student Admission Steps.

Not an International Student?

If you are not an international student, then you may need to follow different steps. Find out what type of student you are and get the correct steps for you!

What Type of Student Are You?

Use Guided Self-Placement

Your placement helps you determine which math and English courses you should enroll in.

If you graduated high school in a foreign country, then you should use the guided self-placement process to figure out what English and math courses to take. Contact your designated school official to obtain the guided self-placement link.

After you complete guided self-placement, your placements will be updated in eServices overnight.

  1. From your eServices dashboard, click Academic Records.
  2. Click Placements to view your math and English placements.

Meet With a Counselor

Make an appointment with a counselor to create an education plan.

You should begin planning for your classes as soon as you begin the international student application process. Keep in mind that classes fill up quickly and you should enroll as early as you can.

As an international student, you are required to enroll in and complete 12 units per semester.

Make a Counseling Appointment

Additional Counseling Information

Enroll in Classes

You can enroll in classes online via eServices during or after your enrollment appointment window.

You will be assigned an enrollment appointment window, which is the earliest date and time you can enroll in classes. You can find your enrollment appointment time in eServices.

As an international student, you must enroll in classes at ‚Äčthe college that issued you the Form I-20.

Enroll in Classes

Pay Your Fees

Pay your fees soon after you enroll to avoid being dropped.

Your tuition and fees are due soon after you enroll in classes. You may be dropped if your fees are not paid by the fee payment deadline. This is true even if you enroll in a class that starts later in the semester.

You can see how much you owe in eServices. From your dashboard, click Financial Account, then Account Balance.

Pay Fees in eServices

Complete Orientation

International student orientation gives you important information to help you succeed in college.

There is mandatory international student orientation before the start of each semester. Orientation provides information about your F-1 responsibilities and maintenance of status. It is also an opportunity to meet with other international students.

You will receive an email before the start of the semester with information about the day and time of orientation.

Email Steps

Download Steps

Download a PDF of these steps and save it to your device or print it.

Download PDF of this page

Get Help


Need help enrolling in your classes? Contact Admissions and Records.

Personal Email

Students must use a personal email, not a high school email, to complete their application. Free email accounts are available from many sources:

Note: While all of the providers listed above have millions of users and are widely trusted to be reliable and secure, OpenCCC and the CCC Chancellor's Office do not endorse any particular email providers, and will have no liability should any issues arise with a particular email provider.

CCCApply Application

You only need to submit one CCCApply application to take classes at any college in the Los Rios district – don't spend unnecessary time submitting separate applications for each college.

Student ID Number

After your application is processed, we will email you a student ID number and instructions for next steps.

CCCApply Account Recovery

Students who have created a CCCApply account must log in using the account they created; they should not create a new account. Students who forgot their username/password can use the "Forgot" icon on the CCCApply site.

Students who use this function and still cannot find their username/password can call the OpenCCC helpline. If they don’t have their username or password and aren’t able to answer security questions to retrieve that information, then the student will have to contact CCCApply directly.

Sacramento City College does not have access to CCCApply account information.

Maintaining Student Status

International students must meet certain requirements to maintain their student status. Visit our International Student Office to learn more.