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CityHub is a free tool students can use to search for free or reduced-cost services like medical care, food, job training, and more.

College Basic Needs Center - Services

CityHub includes the College Basic Needs Center. We connect students with resources that address students' basic needs, both on-campus and in the community, so they can remain focused on their education.

Food Distribution

Panther Paw Produce is a twice-weekly food distribution held in front of the College Store. Bring your student ID (there is no income requirement to receive this service).

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Additional Services


CalFresh (formerly known as Food Stamps) is a nutrition program that helps students and their families buy healthy foods.

If you are on a limited income and are struggling to buy the healthy foods that you need, then CalFresh may be able to help! Plus, CalFresh benefits do not impact your financial aid, and you do not need your parents' tax return information to apply.

Learn More About CalFresh

Need Help?

We have Ambassador available to assist you if you need assistance with your CalFresh application, or if your application gets denied.

Fruitful Outreach

Fruitful Outreach is a weekly outreach of a variety of free healthy fruits and snacks for registered students that will be provided every Thursday in different locations on campus. The healthy snacks are provided to help keep students nourished and energized and to help them focus on course work and study time.


Housing insecurity creates a challenge for all college students and their ability to perform academically.

Emergency Hotel/Housing Vouchers

Funds donated to the Los Rios Colleges Fund or campus-based Cares Programs can be used to provide hotel stays for one to 14 nights, allowing a student who is facing homelessness to have a safe place to stay while accessing other resources.

To be eligible to apply for the emergency hotel program, the student must be:

  • enrolled in a minimum of six units at any one of our four campuses (American River, Cosumnes River, Folsom Lake, Sacramento City) in good standing
  • making satisfactory academic progress
  • facing an emergency situation

The student is limited to one emergency hotel stay per academic year, district-wide.

Housing Deposit Assistance

The college may additionally contribute to a student’s permanent housing needs (approval required).

Money Matters

This is a 6-week long course that will include valuable information about budgeting, banking, money mindfulness, credit repair and more to help student increase their overall knowledge on the importance of finance.. You will hear from experts on these topics along with Basic Needs Staff at ARC and SCC.

Nutritional Education Series

This program is designed to help students learn to stretch their food budgets, apply for and maximize food benefits like Cal Fresh, acquire culinary skills and utilize money and time-saving techniques. We believe this will result in more time, money, and resources, allowing for healthy lifestyle and food choices.

Student Emergency Grant

Apply for a Student Emergency Grant with SCC's Campus Interventions Office.

All Students must complete the intake process before applying for the Student Emergency Grant. Please email to make an intake appointment. Any applications submitted without a completed intake will not be processed.

Student Emergency Grant

  • Community Resources
  • Credit
  • Referrals
    • Dental Services
    • Low-Cost Eye Exam & Glasses
    • Cosmetology Services
  • Textbook Support


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