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Los Rios Community College District does not require students to have health insurance unless you are an international student. However, health insurance is highly recommended. Find out how to use your health insurance or to get health insurance here.

I Have Health Insurance

  • Call the Customer Service number on your card. Customer Service representatives can help you:
    • Identify the name and contact information for your primary care physician.
    • Let you know if you need a referral for specific services, including mental health.
    • Update your contact information and issue you a new insurance card.
  • If you don’t have your health insurance card but know you have Medi-Cal, call(800) 430-4263, select 2 when prompted and enter your Medi-Cal number and birth date. The automated service will let you know what Medi-Cal group you are enrolled in and you can contact them directly.
    • Kaiser
      (800) 464-4000
    • Anthem Blue Cross
      (800) 407-4627
    • Health Net
      (800) 675-6110
    • Molina
      (888) 665-4621
  • If you don’t have your card and also do not have Medi-Cal, but know your insurance plan, you may try calling your plan for more information.
    • Kaiser
      (800) 454-8855
    • Western Health Advantage
      (888) 563-2250
    • Sutter Health Plus
      (855) 315-5800
    • Health Net 

I Don't Have Health Insurance

Your Health Coverage Options

  • Parental Health Insurance. Recent legislative changes have made it possible for students older than 23 and younger than 26 to be covered by a parent's health insurance. Visit  Covered California to learn more.
  • Medi-Cal
  • Covered California
  • Pay out of pocket. May be affordable for minor health problems but can be catastrophic if a major health concern arises. Search CityHub for local health resources.

There is help. Get personal assistance in navigating health care coverage.

Sacramento Covered
(866) 850-4321

They can help you:

  • Help you identify the health care coverage that is right for you
  • Help you enroll into Medi-Cal, Covered California, or other available programs
  • Help you find the doctor that is right for you and your family
  • Schedule an appointment so you can meet your doctor so you can get to know him or her
  • Arrange transportation so you can get to your doctor’s appointments
  • Arrange for interpreting services
  • Connect you to other health resources