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Business is the art of making the most of your resources to minimize waste and maximize profit.  All types of organizations are involved in some type of business activities, so you can choose a career from an amazingly broad spectrum of occupations in both for-profit and non-profit organizations.  Most business people spend at least part of the day in an office environment, working on projects and daily tasks and meeting with clients, customers, or coworkers.  Some occupations can involve significant travel, especially if working for a large, international organization.  If you think you want to work in the business world but don’t know in what career, pursuing a degree in business can help you decide, as these degrees cover a wide variety of subjects ranging from management to financial analysis to marketing.


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Career Options

Sample Career Options and Salaries

Entry to mid-level

  • Business Analyst: $52,399
  • Marketing Coordinator: $45,000
  • Sales Associate: $36,000
  • Real Estate Agent: $38,000

Business Career Options

The career opportunities in business include, but are not limited to: account executive, analyst, bank employee, manager, entrepreneur, financial planner, government service, insurance representative, investment counselor, public administration, product manager, purchasing agent, retail/industrial sales, and stockbroker. Some options may require more than two years of study and additional licensing. Students can also decide to major in business with a specific emphasis in: management, business administration, marketing and advertising, or real estate.

Entrepreneurship Career Options

Designed for current and aspiring entrepreneurs, the Entrepreneurship Certificate is a one-year program. Students will gain the knowledge, insights, and confidence of entrepreneurship through application of business concepts and ideas in the creation of a business plan. Learn to identify and evaluate opportunities, develop strategies, learn the basics of entrepreneurial finance, develop the professional competencies necessary for small business ownership, and launch your business.

Management Career Options

This program is designed for those who wish to progress to positions of responsibility and management in business. Its strong management focus provides the knowledge and skills needed by managers in a wide variety of organizations. Students will be prepared for supervisory and management positions in a wide variety of industries.

Real Estate Career Options

The associate degree program in real estate focuses on the practical application and understanding of the concepts utilized in real estate markets and real estate careers. Career opportunities include real estate salesperson, real estate broker, real estate appraiser, real estate investor, real estate lender, and small business owner.