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This form is only to request that a course you have taken previously at another college be substituted for a course that is required for the following SCC Health Programs: CHW, Dental, OTA, PTA, or Nursing.

A Course Substitution is Not Required if

My course has a Course Identification Numbering System (C-ID)

A C-ID is a statewide numbering system designed to identify comparable courses and facilitate articulation with any other CCC with the same designation for course content credit. Any community college course that bears a C-ID number signifies that it is equivalent in content, rigor, and student learning outcomes.

Search for a C-ID number by discipline, college, or effective date.

My course is on the course equivalency chart

If the college and course you have completed are found on the program chart, your course is considered equivalent and no further action is necessary.

Before You Complete a Course Substitution Petition

Course substitution submissions will not be processed if any of the below items are missing:

Unofficial Transcript

An Unofficial Transcript is requested at the initial submission of this petition.

However, once your petition is approved, an Official Transcript will need to be submitted to the Admission & Records Office prior to your program's application deadline.

Course Description/Syllabus

Course descriptions can be found in a college’s catalog online or you may visit CollegeSource Online to view digital college catalogs. Course descriptions give a small description of the course and what they cover, which is required to compare to the courses offered at our college.