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This form is only to request that a course you have taken previously at another college be substituted for a program (major) course requirement or competency requirement at Sacramento City College (SCC).

A Course Substitution is Not Required if

My course has a Course Identification Numbering System (C-ID)

A C-ID is a statewide numbering system designed to identify comparable courses and facilitate articulation with any other CCC with the same designation for course content credit. Any community college course that bears a C-ID number signifies that it is equivalent in content, rigor, and student learning outcomes.

Search for a C-ID number by discipline, college, or effective date.

Before You Complete a Course Substitution Petition

Course substitution submissions  will not be processed if any of the below items are missing:

Official Transcript

Your official transcript must already be on file with the SCC Admissions and Records Office.

Course Description/Syllabus

Course descriptions can be found in a college’s catalog online or you may visit CollegeSource Online to view digital college catalogs. Course descriptions give a small description of the course and what they cover, which is required to compare to the courses offered at our college.

After You Complete This Form

  • Once your form is submitted, the Admissions and Records office will forward your online course substitution petition to the department that oversees your major/program of study for approval. Course substitutions used for an AA/AS–T degree will also be forwarded to the Counseling Articulation Officer for approval.
  • The department will then forward Approved/Denied course substitution petitions to the Admission and Records Office.
  • Please allow 2 (two) to 4 (four) weeks to process. The Admissions and Records office will email you the outcome of your course substitution.