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Sacramento City College Sociology

The sociology program at Sacramento City College offers a number of classes and hands on opportunities for students to develop a sociological imagination and an applied skill set. Students are exposed to the theoretical and critical thinking framework that promotes a sophisticated understanding of social interaction and provides an excellent foundation for transfer to a four-year institution or entry into the work force. The sociology program offers related degrees in community studies and intercultural studies as well as emphases in women and gender studies, crime and justice studies, and environmental studies. The department has a shared value of social justice that underscores the program and related student opportunities. Students can gain valuable tools in direct service, research, deviance and crime, and community development that support the professional proficiency needed for jobs in the growing fields of community planning and development, education, law and law enforcement, many profit and non-profit sectors, and social work.

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People and Society

People and Society meta major

This program is part of the People and Society meta major.

People and Society