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Family and Consumer Science


Sacramento City College Family and Consumer Science

The Family and Consumer Science Associate in Arts Degree is designed to provide an occupational program of study for students interested in pursuing careers related to Child Development, Early Childhood Education, Family Studies, Fashion, Food Preparation, Interior Design, Gerontology, Life Management, or Nutrition. Courses within the curriculum provide course work to meet state licensing requirements to work with individuals across the age span and provide part of the undergraduate requirements necessary for students wishing to transfer to a four-year institution. Selected courses provide students with lifelong learning skills. Students with Associate in Arts degrees in Family and Consumer Science will have studied the relationship between the physical, social, emotional, and intellectual environment in and of the home and family and the development of individuals, including instruction in the natural and social sciences and humanities in the development of attitudes, knowledge, and ability pertaining to programs in fashion, interior design, life management, child development, family studies, and gerontology, and nutrition, foods, and culinary arts.