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Looking for a Job or Internship, or Volunteer opportunity? Register for Handshake, a free service for our Los Rios Students!

Create a Student Account

  1. Go to Handshake Sign Up.
  2. Enter your Los Rios email (e.g. and click Next.
  3. Select your school and click Next
  4. Create a password.
  5. Click Create account.
  6. Fill in your personal details and click Next.
  7. Click the link in the confirmation email that is sent to you.

How to Search Job Postings

  1. From your Handshake homepage, click on Jobs in the upper-left corner.
  2. The Jobs page will load. On the left of the page, you will find the approved opportunities by SCC.
  3. Click each listing for a detailed description.
  4. Refining your search:
    • Enter the criteria specific to the type of job or internship you’re looking for and click Search (for example, Position Type or Major).
    • Click on multiple items to select more than one option, or you can select “All filters.”
    • Select one or two categories at a time or you may over-filter your results.
  5. To apply for jobs, follow the instructions in the job description.

To apply for Internships through SCC, visit Work Experience and Internship Program. If you meet the
requirements or have questions, contact the Internship Office.