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Gerontology offers an Associate in Science degree, a Certificate of Achievement, and two levels of "stackable certificates".

A stackable certificate is part of a sequence of credentials that can be accumulated over time to build up an individual's qualifications and help them to move along a career pathway or up a career ladder to different and potentially higher-paying jobs (U.S. Department of Labor).

Stackable Certificate Requirements

Level 1

3.5 to 7 units

  • GERON 498 Work Experience in Gerontology (0.5-4 units)
    -or- WEXP 498 Work Experience in (Subject) (1-4 units; must be working with elders in some capacity.)
  • GERON 300 Sociology of Aging (3 units)
    -or- SOC 335 Sociology of Aging (3 units)

Level 2

6 units in addition to the Level 1 courses:

  • PSYC 390 Psychology of Death and Dying (3 units)
  • GERON 302 Psychology of Aging: Adult Development and Aging (3 units)
    -or- PSYC 374 Psychology of Aging: Adult Development and Aging (3 units)

When you have completed Level 1 or Level 2 requirements, you can submit the form below for your certificate document.