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Continuing ESL Students

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) for continuing ESL students.

F-1 International Student placement for admission

I will be applying as an international (F-1 visa) student. Can I take the ESL assessment to meet the English proficiency requirement for admission?

I am currently attending a school in the U.S.

Yes, you can take the ESL assessment to meet the English proficiency requirement for admission.

I am applying from overseas.

No, you cannot take the ESL assessment to meet the English proficiency requirement for admission. See International Student Admissions for the applicable tests (under Application Requirements).

How do I apply for my certificates?

Intermediate Certificate of Proficiency

Show you have earned your intermediate certificate:

Request for ESL Certificate of Intermediate Proficiency

Questions about completing the form: Email Professor Leonard,

You need to complete:

  • ESL 55 (= old courses ESLR 50 + ESLW 50)
  • ESLG 51 (= old course ESLG 50)
  • ESLL 51 (= old course ESLL 50)

Advanced Certificate of Proficiency

Certificate Petition Form

You need to complete:

  • ESL 325 (= old courses ESLR 320 + ESLW 320)
  • ESLG 320
  • ESL 114

Enroll: What classes are available this term?

Our enrollment video shows you how to enroll after you pick your classes.

Your placement will show you which classes to enroll in.

ESL Classes Available Now

What are all the ESL classes at SCC?

Get your placement and ask our ESL Chair, Brett Thomas, at

More Information

  • ESL Program video
    We offer classes from beginner to advanced in Reading/Writing, Grammar, Listening/Speaking, and Pronunciation
  • Certificate video
    We also offer Intermediate and Advanced certificates of proficiency

Can I skip a level?

Yes, you can! If a professor will support you, fill out the prerequisite challenge below.

You will need:

  • a document showing your level (an essay or assignment you can upload that got a high score)
  • to give an instructor's name (with permission) who supports your challenge

ESL Prerequisite Challenge Form

ESLW 340 or ENGWR 300?

ESLW 340!

Our course is equal to ENGWR 300*, now transferable to:

  • University of California (UC) -Area 1A
  • California State University (CSU) - Area A2

If you have taken ESL 325 or ESLW 320, or assess into ENGWR 300 and are a multilingual student, ESLW 340 is for you!

*If you're applying to Nursing, you might need ENGWR 300 instead of our ESLW 340. Please ask your counselor or our ESL Chair, Brett Thomas, at

I need a counselor! How do I meet with a counselor?

Our ESL Counselors

Other Important Contacts

Or any of our excellent team of  SCC counselors.

Can I get financial aid?

It's never too late to apply and find out if you qualify for financial aid.

Apply for:

  1. Federal Financial Aid (if you’re documented) or the CA Dream Act (if you’re undocumented).
  2. and CA College Promise Grant

What other resources can help me succeed?

Academic and SCC Community Resources to explore and join.

See you in class!


ESL Professor and Department Chair: Brett Thomas
Phone: (916) 558-2347