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Our team of Scholar to Scholar Mentors

We can assist you in your economics courses.

Andreana Di CosmoAndreana Di Cosmo

S2S Program Coordinator

I am a Chilean business engineer, economist, fitness and yoga instructor, and a mother of 2 exceptional children.

I believe in education as the fundamental tool for individual and societal growth. I am passionate about learning and teaching; I am here to help you to achieve your goals.

Cara IshisakaCara Ishisaka

S2S Mentor

I am a sophomore at SCC studying psychology. Economics was simply a course I needed to take to cover a general requirement. But the passionate, congenial, and supportive faculty made me appreciate the subject. I am looking forward to helping discover the strategies and confidence that you will need to succeed.


Dante RomeroDante Romero

S2S Mentor

Hey, you! My name is Dante Romero, and I am a new mentor in the S2S program! This will be my second year at Sacramento City College, and my goal is to help you gain confidence in everything Macroeconomics. I plan to transfer to UC next year, majoring in Business-Economics, and I look forward to helping you reach your goals! Some things we might have in common include; Working out, playing an instrument, and watching sports (NBA, MLB, and NFL).

Jaydon ElliotJaydon Elliot

S2S Mentor

Hi Everyone! My name is Jaydon, and I am a second-year student here at SCC studying economics. I have been both a mentor and a mentee within the S2S program and have genuinely enjoyed watching students grow and progress through their courses. Nevertheless, I look forward to working with you this semester!

Moin ShaikhMoin Shaikh

S2S Mentor

I am majoring in Business Administration and am looking to transfer next year to UC Irvine or UC Berkeley. I have been part of the Scholar-to-Scholar mentoring program since the fall of 2021, tutoring other economics students and working together to pursue a better education.

Vicki WhitsonVicki Whitson

S2S Mentor

I have been a mentor at SCC for a year. Scholar to Scholar works because it is really easy to get stressed and overwhelmed over homework, exams, work, and balancing everything to pass the classes. I enjoy being a mentor because it has taught me patience and keeps me in tune with economic concepts. I am always available to help fellow students.