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Associate Degree for Transfer - Administration of Justice: (CSU Transfer Guaranteed)

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The FAST Degree (online course map) charts your course list from beginning to end in only 4 semesters (or less if you take courses during the summer session).

This online course map guides you through a list of prescribed courses that will help you not only earn your AST in Administration of Justice but also meets the eligibility requirements of the Legal Studies Certificate and for the Law School Pathway Program (required courses).

Students who wish to transfer to a UC are strongly encouraged to meet with a counselor to determine additional major requirements.

Please connect with a success coach for more information. This path is not a guarantee of course availability or financial aid applicability.

Course Map


  • (H) - Honors (More details below)
  • Elec - Elective
  • GE - General Education
  • Maj - Required Core
  • ME - Major Elective

Year One

First Semester 

14 units
Session Cat. Course Title Unit AA/AS GE CSU GE IGETC
1st 8 weeks Maj ADMJ 300 Introduction to Administration of Justice 3 D 4
1st 8 weeks ME ADMJ 349 ^* Introduction to Crime, Deviance, and Social Control 3 D 4
Full semester Elec INDIS 313 Freshman Seminar 3 IIIB
2nd 8 weeks GE STAT 300 ^ Introduction to Probability and Statistics 4 IIB B4 2A
2nd 8 weeks GE Physical Education 1 IIIA
^ Legal Studies Certificate
  • * ADMJ 349, SOC 318 or BUS 345

Second Semester 

15 units
Session Cat. Course Title Unit AA/AS GE CSU GE IGETC
Full semester Maj ADMJ 320 Concepts of Criminal Law 3
1st 8 weeks GE ENGWR 300 ^ College Composition 3 IIA A2 1A
1st 8 weeks GE HIST 310 ^* History of the United States 3 VA C2 3B
2nd 8 weeks GE POLS 301 ^ Introduction to Government: United States 3 D 4
2nd 8 weeks GE COMM 303 ^** Mediated Oral Communication 3 A1 1C
^ Legal Studies Certificate
  • ENGWR 300
  • * HIST 310, HIST 311, HIST 320, HIST 321, HIST 483(H), HIST 484(H), HIST 486(H), or HIST 487(H)
  • POLS 301/481(H)
  • ** COMM 303, 311

Summer Session

9 units
Cat. Course Title Unit AA/AS GE CSU GE IGETC
Elec ADMJ 304 Juvenile Delinquency 3
GE ENGWR 301 ^* College Composition and Literature 3 A3 1B
GE Life-Long Learning 3 E

Petition for your Legal Studies Certificate this semester. 

^ Legal Studies Certificate

  • * ENGWR 301, ENGWR 302/482(H) or ENGWR 303

Year Two

Third Semester 

13 units
Session Cat. Course Title Unit AA/AS GE CSU GE IGETC
1st 8 weeks Elec ADMJ 322 Criminal Procedures 3
1st 8 weeks Elec ADMJ 330 Criminal Investigation 3
Full semester GE Biological Science 3 IV B2 5B
Full semester GE Lab 1 B3 5C
2nd 8 weeks Maj ADMJ 302 Community Relations: Multicultural Issues 3

Fourth Semester

12 units
Session Cat. Course Title Unit AA/AS GE CSU GE IGETC
1st 8 weeks GE Arts/Humanities 3 C2 3B
Full semester GE Physical Science 3 B1 5A
2nd 8 weeks Elec Introduction to Ethnic Studies 3
2nd 8 weeks GE Arts/Humanities 3 C1 3A

Petition for your ADMJ ADT degree this semester. 

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