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Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT) - a Degree with a Guarantee

The FAST (Online) Degree map will guide you from your first semester to your transfer degree/certificate in just 4 semesters! For students who are interested in law school, this program meets the eligibility requirements for the Law School Pathway.

This online program map represents one possible path for completing this program. In addition, many of these online courses are offered during the summer session for students who would like to finish early or limit units during the fall/spring terms.

Please see a counselor to create an education plan that is customized to meet your needs. Please connect with a success coach for more information. This path is not a guarantee of course availability or financial aid applicability. (Catalog: 2020-21. Total Units: 60) 

Course Map


  • (H) - Honors (More details below)
  • Elec - Elective
  • GE - General Education
  • Maj - Required Core
  • ME - Major Elective

Year One

First Semester 

14 units
Session Cat. Course Title Unit AA/AS GE CSU GE IGETC
1st 8 weeks Maj ADMJ 300 Introduction to Administration of Justice 3 D 4
1st 8 weeks ME ADMJ 349 ^* Introduction to Crime, Deviance, and Social Control 3 D 4
Full semester Elec INDIS 313 Freshman Seminar 3 IIIB
2nd 8 weeks GE STAT 300 ^ Introduction to Probability and Statistics 4 IIB B4 2A
2nd 8 weeks GE Physical Education 1 IIIA
^ Legal Studies Certificate
  • * ADMJ 349, SOC 318 or BUS 345

Second Semester 

15 units
Session Cat. Course Title Unit AA/AS GE CSU GE IGETC
Full semester Maj ADMJ 320 Concepts of Criminal Law 3
1st 8 weeks GE ENGWR 300 ^ College Composition 3 IIA A2 1A
1st 8 weeks GE HIST 310 ^* History of the United States 3 VA C2 3B
2nd 8 weeks GE POLS 301 ^ Introduction to Government: United States 3 D 4
2nd 8 weeks GE COMM 303 ^** Mediated Oral Communication 3 A1 1C
^ Legal Studies Certificate
  • ENGWR 300
  • * HIST 310, HIST 311, HIST 320, HIST 321, HIST 483(H), HIST 484(H), HIST 486(H), or HIST 487(H)
  • POLS 301/481(H)
  • ** COMM 303, 311

Summer Session

9 units
Cat. Course Title Unit AA/AS GE CSU GE IGETC
Elec ADMJ 304 Juvenile Delinquency 3
GE ENGWR 301 ^* College Composition and Literature 3 A3 1B
GE Life-Long Learning 3 E

Petition for your Legal Studies Certificate this semester. 

^ Legal Studies Certificate

  • * ENGWR 301, ENGWR 302/482(H) or ENGWR 303

Year Two

Third Semester 

13 units
Session Cat. Course Title Unit AA/AS GE CSU GE IGETC
1st 8 weeks Elec ADMJ 322 Criminal Procedures 3
1st 8 weeks Elec ADMJ 330 Criminal Investigation 3
Full semester GE Biological Science 3 IV B2 5B
Full semester GE Lab 1 B3 5C
2nd 8 weeks Maj ADMJ 302 Community Relations: Multicultural Issues 3

Fourth Semester

12 units
Session Cat. Course Title Unit AA/AS GE CSU GE IGETC
1st 8 weeks GE Arts/Humanities 3 C2 3B
Full semester GE Physical Science 3 B1 5A
2nd 8 weeks Elec Introduction to Ethnic Studies 3
2nd 8 weeks GE Arts/Humanities 3 C1 3A

Petition for your ADMJ ADT degree this semester. 

Additional FAST Degree Information

ADT Requirements

Transfer degrees require the following:

  •  Complete all required courses for a major with a grade of "C" or better.
  • Complete 60 CSU-transferable units. At least 12 of the 60 units must be earned at Sacramento City College.
  • Complete one of the following general education (GE) patterns. Meet with your SCC Counselor to discuss the appropriate GE pattern for your individual transfer/graduation goals:
    • CSU General Education Breadth Requirements
    • Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC) – CSU option

Placement Information

Support courses required for English and Math per placement. Check your e-Services account under “Academic Records” to determine your placements.

Counselor Notes

  • All AA-Ts and AS-Ts are designed to transfer to CSUs in most majors. Students who wish to transfer to a UC are strongly encouraged to meet with a counselor to determine additional major requirements.
  • Math – you may have other options for transfer-level math; check with your counselor.
  • Students with Advanced Placement (AP) and International Baccalaureate Credit (IB) test scores should notify their counselor to learn more about how test scores may be used for credit.

Department Notes

The 'Sac City' Administration of Justice (also referred to as Criminal Justice) program is one of the largest of its kind in Northern California. As a member of the program, students will benefit from:

  • a dedicated faculty that will offer support for students to reach toward their academic and career advancement goals
  • an extensive college transfer program, with faculty who have deeply rooted partnerships with employers
  • a Speaker Series and Career Events
  • a comprehensive schedule offering courses during the fall, spring, and summer sessions.
  • a 100% Online Degree in Administration of Justice. (Once the COVID restrictions are lifted you will enjoy a variety of convenient course offerings, including on-campus morning, afternoon, evening, weekend, accelerated, and online classes.)
  • a Legal Studies Certificate and Pre-Law Pathway Program for students interested in legal studies or law school.

^ Legal Studies Certificate Required Courses

  • ADMJ 349 or SOC 318 (BUS 345)
  • COMM 311
  • ENGWR 300/488(H)
  • ENGWR 301 or ENGWR 302/482(H) or ENGWR 303
  • Select 1: HIST 310, 311, 320, 321, 483, 484, 486, 487
  • POLS 301/481(H)
  • STAT 300/480(H) or ECON 310

(H) Honors Options

  • Semester 1 / Second 8 weeks STAT 480
  • Semester 2 / First 8 weeks ENGWR 488 & HIST 483
  • Semester 2 / Second 8 weeks POLS 481