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photo of three waste bins outdoors: landfill, compost, and recyle

SCC now has a 3-bin waste system, which includes separate bins for:

  1. landfill
  2. recyclables
  3. organics (compost)

Guide to Waste

What belongs in the Recycling bin? What belongs in the Organics bin? What belongs in the Garbage bin?

Guide to Waste

SB 1383: State Organics Law

The goal of this project is to divert waste from landfills in compliance with SB 1383: State Organics Law. This law sets forth to:

  • reduce statewide disposal of organic waste by 50% by January 1, 2020 (based on 2014 levels)
  • reduce statewide disposal of organic waste by 75% by January 1, 2025
  • rescue at least 20% of currently disposed of edible food for human consumption by 2025

Waste Education Workshop Coming

Once this new system is implemented, we plan to host a workshop to provide waste education, specifically on the proper use and understanding of the 3-bin system. Check back here for updates on this workshop!


Sustainability Coordinator: Sophie Wheeler
Phone: (916) 558-2543

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