Please be aware that outside groups occasionally visit campus exercising their constitutionally protected right to free speech. These groups might display images or engage in speech that is offensive to some. The college will monitor the environment in collaboration with the Los Rios Police Department to ensure demonstrations are peaceful, and that college operations are not disrupted.

As a public institution, Sacramento City College is required to provide a space for constitutionally protected free speech, irrespective of the beliefs expressed in that speech, and this is part of our educational mission. We also have an obligation to encourage a civil dialogue about controversial issues. When outside groups visit the campus with challenging images and/or beliefs, their approaches have caused concern among some of our community members. The fact that these people are on our campus is not necessarily an indication of Sacramento City College’s values or views. We are required to allow all organizations to exercise their rights to present their views by the Constitution, the law, and Board Policy. Please also refer to the college's posting guidelines and the social media policy. For additional information, please review the American Civil Liberties Union discussion.