Information about the people in the administrative structure of the college.

  • Sacramento City College President
    Michael Gutierrez
  • Public Information Officer
    Kaitlyn Collignon
  • College Police Captain
    John McPeak

Administrative Services

  • Vice President of Administrative Services
    Carrie Bray


  • Vice President of Instruction
    Albert Garcia
  • Associate Vice President of Economic/Work Force Development
    Gabriel Meehan
  • Associate Vice President of Instructional Services
    Ginny McReynolds

Student Services

  • Vice President of Student Services
    Davin Brown
  • Associate Vice President of Enrollment/Student Services
    Kimberly McDaniel

Executive Council

  • Senior Leadership Team Chair
    Andre Coleman
  • Student Senate President
    Sabrina Edward
  • Academic Senate President
    Lori Petite
  • Classified Senate President
    Courtnee Mack